Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sitting Beside Grace.

I am sitting beside Eliot. His 11 O' clock feeding is almost half-way done. Mom is asleep, and the best part of my day has begun. My feeding shifts are late night/ early morning. She takes over around 4:45 am, and cherishes her mornings with her son.

What a week to update you on...there are one million joys to report and, rather, nothing to report all at the same time. Eliot is doing great. Going out has now been practiced and perfected by Ginny, thus Eliot has been for a stroll around the neighborhood, out to eat twice, and even made it to his first church service. His many expressive faces have been memorized and we are now able to interpret their meaning with reasonable precision. Eliot is seldom upset or crying; his rare frustration centers on working his bowels.

We are utterly humbled by the continued prayers of many. We ask for them to be continued. It is fun to hear how Eliot's life has reminded, taught, and inspired so many.

Well, I promised to share that which we have been taught by Eliot. Here is just a fragment of the lesson. Ginny and I have both been struck by the fact that the fulfillment of our deepest desires is often found in areas opposite the places we were looking. Truth be told, Eliot's condition is the type of thing that many (us included) fear and hope against. However, whose joy surpasses ours? Down a road we would not choose, we continue to find unspeakable joy. Truly, the Lord's ways are not our own. Joy and sorrow side-by-side.

If you have a chance, please do this for us. Please post a comment. It can be as simple as "hi eliot" or maybe a written prayer...whatever floats your boat will suffice. Make sure to include your name. We think it will be fun to see who all is following Eliot, as well as hear what you have to say. So, even if you've posted before & even if we do not know you, we would like it if you would post something to let us know you are out there. Thanks.

Well, I do believe I smell an odor I have come to recognize as of late...better go change a diaper.
(New posts on Wednesdays)

Matt & Ginny Mooney


Kelley said...

Hey guys, I'm Kelley Mathews, and old friend of Ginny's uncle Travis. Of course he and Ginny are close in age, and we all have young children. I remember Ginny when she was a teenager and Travis and I were in college at LSU together. We all made several trips up to Lake Providence and met the family there. Travis passed on the news about Eliot just after y'all received the diagnosis a few months ago, and I've been praying and following the updates every since. My youngest child is 9 months, and I am awed by your faith and perspective. I look at her and wonder how I could stand to know that her life would be short by my standards. But you guys help me remember that every day is a miracle of life, and so I treasure her (and my boys) more because of Eliot. Thanks.

Emily said...

Hey Ginny, Matt, and Eliot,
I am in complete awe and amazement at your strength. I know that the Lord has given you a peace that passes all understanding, but Ginny, I must admit as the mother of a 6 week old, as well, I have not been out to eat twice or for a stroll in the park. You are amazing!!! I pray for you daily, and I know the Lord has plans for all of you that no one can comprhend at this point. I appreciate you guys sharing Eliot's miracles, and we will continue praying for more. I will also pray for your renewed strength Matt and Ginny. He is a beautiful, strong baby boy.
Emily Martin Bradley

Katie said...

Hi Matt, Ginny and Eliot,
My name is Katie Osburn from Oklahoma and I learned about you from my dear friend Stephanie Robbins Qualls. She asked for prayer on your behalf and I have been following your blog ever since. I love the joy you exude over your precious baby boy. How wonderful that rather than dreading what lies ahead, you are soaking up every minute you have. I pray that God would completely heal Eliot on this earth so that his testimony may spread and give hope to the hopeless. God has big plans for Mr. Eliot! God Bless you all.
Katie Osburn

Anonymous said...

Eliot-I think of you and pray for you and your precious parents every day. Not only are you a miracle-so are they. I am so thankful to your dad for keeping us updated-it is the first thing I did this morning-check for the Wed. update! Did you enjoy your stroll around the neighborhood? From the picture,it looks like your mom did! (I loved this pic,Ginny). Much,much love to you and to your mom and dad! Mrs Jennifer Gilfoil

Anonymous said...


We are so excited that you are doing well and enjoying your walks in the park as well as your baths. Please know that we are praying for you daily and we love getting your updates.

Bret, Jayme, & Molly Walker

BeLynda said...

Matt, Ginny, and Eliot you are truly amazing. It is so wonderful to see how God's stength, grace, and love is exemplified in all of your lives. I know that God is holding you tightly in the palm of His hand.
I Love You,
Mrs. BeLynda Martin

Kate Walker said...

Hey Matt, Ginny, and Eliot! The pictures are just wonderful, and the messages you send are filled with inspiration, joy, and a desire to grow in knowledge of the Lord and His will. I can see the desire in you, and I also am encouraged to have a similar desire in my life. Thank you for sharing with us all, and we can't wait to see you all!! --Wes and Kate

Uncle Trav said...

Hi, guys! I am so looking forward to seeing you and meeting Eliot tomorrow. Christy is very sorry she will be unable to join us. I hope you take comfort that an ever-growing body of believers continues to lift you up in prayer every day. God is so good!

Nanna said...

Hi. My name is Betty Gail Jones. I am Kelly Parks' mother. She told me about Eliot's story and gave me the web site. I have a friend who is a missionary in China and she had just written about a missionary couple with whom she serves whose baby is due soon, that also has Edward's syndrome. I passed your web site on to them and they have been following your story. I just received a message saying how much encouragement they are getting from your blog. God is definitely using Eliot's life for His glory.

Lisa Hartsfield said...

He looks so big in his bath picture!! His eyes are so big and beautiful!! Who really knows what lies behind those eyes :) Thank you for the update today. I have sent your site to so many people asking for continued prayer. I have a calandar called "praying for our children" where you pray a different prayer everyday for your kids. You end up praying 30 - 31 different prayers each month.

I thought today was particularly fitting:

"PERSEVERANCE - Lord, teach my children to persevere in all they do, and help them run with perseverance the race set before them. Hebrews 12:1"

Continued prayers coming your way :)

Lisa Hartsfield
Arlington, TX

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt, Ginny, and Eliot! You guys don't know me but I've been check your page every Wednesday for updates. I found out about you through One of your friends posted this site and asked for prayer. I just wanted you to know that I pray for all of you daily. I hope God continues to bless all of you. Thanks for keeping us updated. Much love, Kayla C. (Florida)

ellie closuit said...

Hello darling friends,

I am so glad that things are going well. I am continually amazed at your strength and courage, Matt and Ginny, you are both examples to live by. Eliot and you both are always in mine and my family's prayers. I hope I get a chance to talk or see you soon! with much love,

Anonymous said...

Hello Ginny, Matt and Little Eliot. My name is Leslie McKenzie Knight and I am originally from Lake Providence. My mother in law, Sharon told me last weekend about all of you and I have been keeping up ever since. Matt and Ginny, please know that everyone that I know in Monroe, LA is praying for you daily. I have shared your story and site with them. Stay strong and Eliot will to! I know this is the hardest thing you all have ever had to go through, but just remember that the Lord does have a plan, and He will take care of all of you. I will continue to think and pray for all of you daily. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. Ginny, you look beautiful in the picture strolling Eliot! :-)

Callie R. said...

Hi Guys... I learned about your story from Lisa Hartsfield. Your blog is such an amazing example of God's grace and LOVE. Your story has been such a blessing. May you be able to soak up all that is your sweet little angel. You will continue to be in our prayers.
Callie Randall
Arlington Texas

staley said...

Hey Matt, Ginny, and Eliot!
I love getting to hear each Wednesday about how your amazing family is doing and seeing the precious pictures.
My family and I are constantly praying and we love yall very very much!

Anonymous said...

Matt, Ginny, and Eliot-
This path God has chosen for you is inspirational to all, and clearly meant for the amazing people that you are. Eliot is adorable, and Ginny, well, you always look amazing! (Matt- you're not so bad yourself) I think of you all often and you're in my prayers.
Laura Pici

Kym Brinkley said...

Hi, my friends the Mooney three! I love you all, and I love that life seems to be somewhat normal with you guys! You are jaunting about as a family and living in the Lord's love and joy. You are precious to me, and I only wish I were there to see you more often than I have up to this point. Thanks for your updates! It makes me feel like I am closer than I am. I see your writing chops, Papa Matt. I love it, my kindred grammer pal. Praying for sure!
Love, Kymmy

Jenny Beth and Susie Walker said...

Dear Mooney Family, Glad y'all want us to keep posting because I was beginning to feel like a blog stalker, if you will. Susie is here for a few days and we both enjoyed reading the most recent update. Ginny, you go girl already going for a stroll. I echo what someone said in an earlier post...we didn't get to church with Ben for almost 12 weeks...terrible I know. So on so many different levels y'all inspire us. The pictures are precious. They truely are worth 1,000 words. It's such a treat to have a visual of Eliot when we pray for him. One thing God has shown me through y'all is to focus on what God HAS given and not on what we don't have. Put simply, to view the glass as 1/2 full and not 1/2 empty. Y'all are living this out as you embrace and enthusiastically face every day. We are praying for you guys regularly....Thanks again for sharing. Much love and many, many prayers, JB and Susie Walker

Anne Fullerton said...

Thank you for sharing this walk with us.

He is an absolutely gorgeous litttle boy!

My family's prayers for you.

Anne Fullerton

Andrew said...


I am praying for you buddy! I can't wait to meet you. Matt and ginny, i am praying for you too! Thanks for the updates. Andrew

Stephanie said...

uuheMatt, Ginny and Baby Eliot,
I anxiously await Wednesdays now to have the chance to read updates. First of all, what a BEAUTIFUL child. His eyes seem so wise and if his God has already armed him with years of discernment. I am sure he is soaking in so much more than we realize.
We are DAILY praying for you all. For strength, peace, joy and healing....I pray daily that Eliot will be healed in a way that only God can receive glory. Rewriting the medical journals with a "new" (but as we all know....age old) cure of prayer. I know this may not be the Father's will but I am praying specifically it is...
Ginny, you are radiant. You look wonderful and I too am so amazed you have been out an about. SO FUN!
Matt, that you for using your gift of words to authentically share your hearts with us. What an honor to be on the receiving side. God is using you greatly to encourage and inspire. Everyone I know is praying. I cannot wait to see the jewels in your crowns that await you for your obedience...
Celebrating the Author of Life,
Stephanie Qualls (Bobby and Abby Kate too!)

Anonymous said...

Ginny, it's so good to see you being "you" at the park.

I wish so bad I could come and meet Eliot. He's such a doll!!

Matt, you are a beautiful writer. I look forward to your updates.

Eliot, bring on the one month birthday!!!

Tayton and I pray for ya'll every nap and bedtime.
We love you all-

Mike Higgins said...

Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that I am rejoicing with you in the way that the Lord is blessing so many people through the life of Eliot. I am thankful for how you have directed all of our attentions on the joy that each day of life brings, rather than on the hardships your family is facing. I am praying that the body of Christ continues to support you, and I know that the Grace of God will sustain you. Thank you for how you have ministered to me and my family.

laura said...

Hey guys! Ginny, it was so good to hear your voice today and hear how God has been showing you so much of Him in everything and everyone around you. I LOVE the yawn picture, I just wish I could see it in person. Tell Eliot that we said hi and we are praying for him. Love you guys!
Laura and Daniel

Anonymous said...

Matt, Ginny, and Eliot. Thanks for sharing your lives with me! Thanks for being such an incredible example of what it looks like to walk in faith daily. You guys bring much encouragement to me.

Anonymous said...

Mooney Family,
I miss yall so much! Eliot is absolutely adorable. I know that yall are just loving on him so much. I hope to meet him soon! I am praying for yall. Miss you tons!
Love you,
Brittany Hicks

Anonymous said...

Hi Mooney Family!

It's Catherine Arnsperger. Dan and I go to Fellowship with you and have met you through the Addingtons. You might remember us by our story...we lost our daughter at birth in January '05. We are now the happy parents of Ethan, who is now 4 months old.

I check your site regularly and am THRILLED at the beauty of Eliot's life. Thank you for sharing him with us.

I can identify with the great joy found in a path opposite of what we intended. You expressed that so well! God's great sovereignty is so comforting even in the worst of times. And, I have found joy in being in that hard place and HAVING to lean on Him. Both Dan and I are so independent that leaning on Him, REALLY leaning on Him doesn't happen as much as it should. There is something precious in the dark times because you can feel His presence so intensely...especially when there are so many praying for you.

We love learning more about Eliot. We praise God for your little miracle and long for you to see many many more days of miracles to come.

The Arnspergers

BETH said...

Ginny and Matt -
He's so cute! I love the pics and updates.
I had so much fun seeing yall at Gabe's wedding and seeing Ginny in BR. I wish you still lived in Nashville!
You are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

Much love,

Erin from NY said...

Helloooooo baby eliot. Im so glad to hear that you have had a good week. Your mommy and daddy look so happy. God Bless and we will keep on praying for your health and happiness

amy said...

Hey there guys,

Just Aunt Amy checking in to let you know that I am checking the blog frequently to keep up with Eliot also. I was with Edna yesterday when she got the photo over the cell phone. How could we ever forget how cute he is!!!!! You know how much we love you all and I look forward to our photo session tomorrow. Mrs. Stephanie is photographing vicariously through me and wishes she could be there too. Uncle Danny can't wait to meet Mr. Eliot. We love his giant eyes. Reminds me of Mamarite's big eyes which you inherited Ginny. See you tomorrow!

Carrie Uberecken said...

Dear Sweet Elliot,
We, too, have joined the multitudes who are praying for you and continue to marvel in the delight you are to all, especially your dear sweet parents. I have known your Mama for as long as I can remember and I know that you are very lucky to have her! I just love that she throws you daily birthday parties! My Mama loved birthday parties and I am sure that your Mama will agree that “Miss Sherrie” is peeking over God’s shoulder as He finds joy in watching all of us celebrate you! Elliot, there is no doubt that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You have been the vessel of truth that reassures us of God’s grace, His power, and most of all His love. Your name and precious face will forever be etched in our hearts. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

To Matt and Ginny,
Our hearts continue to lift you up daily. Thank you for your willingness to allow all of us to experience these days with you. Please know that we love you, we are praying for you, and we are so grateful for Elliot. Enjoy everyday!

All our love-
Mark and Carrie Uberecken

Anonymous said...

Dear Eliot,

Saw your Grandma Edna the other day and she told me all about you. My goodness she just bragged and bragged! After seeing your sweet pictures I can see what she's talking about. I think about you all the time, and about your Mommy and Daddy too. I love you Eliot.
You are always in my heart.

Leigh Mullen

the Ryan's said...

Hey Ginny, Matt, and Precious Eliot,
Happy Birthday to you EVERYDAY !! We LOVE all of you- your website is adorable and you all are AMAZING ! We just left a K-Life board meeting tonight- God is continuing your work in Fort Worth and in Fayetville ! You both are AMAZING and SO encouraging to all of our family- wish we had him in our arms-Love you all- Patricia, Win, Emmie, Robert, Lucy, & K-Bear We are PRAYING for you !!

Anonymous said...

typeqMatt, Ginny, and Eliot-

"How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, 'Your God reigns!' Isaiah 52:7

Thank you for allowing Kelli and I into your intimate world and proclaiming the compassion of our Lord in your words and smiles with precious Eliot. He is a testament to the faithfulness of the Lord as are the two of you who amidst your sorrow can experience joy as well.

I wish their were words of encouragement, but all I know to say is that we serve a mighty God, and that he delights in you.

In his name, Joe & Kelli (Canatsey) Wilmot

Anonymous said...

Matt, Ginny, and Eliot,
Joy and I have been following your story since we heard about young Eliot from Tim Evans. The inspiration that Eliot has brought to this world is truly amazing... how it trickles down from him to you and then on to countless others who have heard and will hear your story. Our prayer is that your family will continue to experience God's love and faithfulness, and as a result of this miracle He has given you, each of you would fall more in love with Him.
Much love,
Seth, Joy, and Oliver Primm.

Four Oaks Mules said...

Dear Ginny, Matt, and Eliot,
How I wish I could come to see you today! With others on vacation, it's just not possible for me to miss work. But hey, they worked so that I could be with you on Eliot's real birthday!
Wow, what a change a week makes! Keep those pictures coming.
I am sending lots of kisses with Nonna Edna. Make sure she gives hugs to all of you.
It is utterly amazing how God is sustaining you and blessing all of us through your faith and strength.
Love, Aunt Renee and Uncle Larry

Katy said...

I am blessed and in awe of the words shared with you by so many people; friends and strangers. I am humbled by your words of wisdom and hopeful that God is good. I pray for the three of you often!


mark robertson said...

Hey all,
Your strength continues to amaze me. I appreciate you sharing this experience with everyone and allowing us to see how you have learned but more importantly allowing us to see true faith in action. God is using you all to teach US lessons and show His power and love for each of us. I continue to pray for strength for each of you and pray for the continued health of Eliot.

the Clarks said...

During our pregnancy, we were told our little boy might possibly have Down's syndrome. I remember the fear that I felt & how hard it was to let go & let God. Reading your blog brings tears to my eyes & inspires me. I admire your faith and perserverence. Elliot is so beautiful. What a miracle! Our prayers are with your family.

Brian & Tiffany Clark

cassie said...

matt and ginny,
your family is beautiful in every possible way. thank you for your selflessness in allowing us to share in your story. i hope for your continued peace and joy in celebrating eliot's life.
cassie condrey

The Imbos said...

hey matt,ginny,and eliot,
this is rachel (lunney) imbo. just wanted you to know that we are following all your updates on your precious eliot. how sweet it is to welcome your first child. eliot's little life has really touched our hearts. we will continually be praying for eliot and you and ginny. god bless.
fj,rachel, and anna grace

Rick & Cindy said...

Matt, Ginny & Eliot,
We attend church with Ron and Sandra and have been joining you in prayer for this precious gift from God, baby Eliot. We check in regularly to see how God continues to answer prayer and bless your lives. By your strength, honesty & vulnerability, we are also blessed. Thank you for your website so that we can share in your burdens, joys and a glimpse of the grace of God in your lives.
Rick & Cindy Gering

Anonymous said...

Matt, Ginny, and Eliot!
It's me... the old Kristin Martinez and the new Kristin Morgan! Thank you so much for calling me on my wedding day. Hearing that you were thinking of me meant so much to me. I think and pray about y'all often and follow this blog. Eliot is so beautiful.... as is your whole family. I respect y'all so much for the attitude that God has blessed you with. Eliot is such a wonderful miracle. I will continue to pray for y'all. Tell Eliot KMART says HI! Love you, Kristin (Martinez) Morgan

Anonymous said...


There aren't words that could describe the prayers that we are praying for y'all. For me, those are sometimes the best prayers. Know that there are prayers going up around the world for you, or at least from Jordan.

The pictures are each little blessings for me. Y'all are incredible people and I can't tell you how much you have shown me over the past few years about God, grace, and life.

Allah ysalmikum (may God bless you and strengthen you),

Mike Moore

Cary Murphy said...

I love you. All three of you. From all of this, more than I've ever felt, I've learned what it is to share in someone else's sufferings. I pray for you all every day...many times each day. It seems like my heart is always, on some level, beating for you. I hope that little Eliot can meet his pseudo-Aunt Cary very soon.

carey said...

Ginny and Matt, My name is Carey Tomlinson. I am married to Phillip Tomlinson (phil and shellie's son). I heard about you and your beautiful baby at church some time ago and have been praying for you for the last two months. I will continue to. As I read your blog, I can see the strength and courage supplied by the Holy Spirit radiating through your words. Remember that the Lord is always faithful and will Never forsake you-His strength never runs out. Rely on Him that is His greatest desire-To love on us throughout good times and bad.

Julie said...

Hi there...
I sit here late at night...rereading the words you have written Matt...the way you speak about Ginny and Eliot...brings me to tears. And Ginny, the look on your face, your smile as you are taking Eliot on a walk brings joy to my soul. I would like to say...Eliot, as we are all hoping for you and for your life, you are reminding us that indeed we have much to hope for...much to believe in...and a stronghold to trust in. Indeed God is good though we don't understand the strokes of his hand or the path he leads us down. Thanks Matt, Ginny, and Eliot.

Julie C.

Anonymous said...

Matt, Ginny, and Eliot,
My prayer for you guys is that you are blessed for being faithful to God in the middle of your current journey. My Bible study today talked about how we often do not see God in the midst of His presence, that it is only in hindsight that we observe that He was there with us and what He accomplished through us. I am amazed that you have such strength and obedience and thank you for your witness to me as well as so many others.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you guys!
Christin Northern

Keli said...
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Keli said...
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Keli said...

Dear Mr. Eliot,
My name is Keli. I met your mamma about seven years ago when she bravely attempted a move all the way up to Montana.
In the few short months I got to spend with her, I learned so many wonderful attributes about who our Lord is. Your mamma is the essence of God's love on earth. She is much of who the Lord desires all of us to be - genuine, loving, tender, compassionate and joyful. It was no mistake at all that He gave you to her and her to you. And, from what I hear, your daddy leaves little to be desired in a husband and now a father. What a treasure your little family is.
Little man, I want you to know, not a day goes by when I don't think about you and pray for you. You are nothing short of a miracle. You, in your precious few days of life, have already touched hundreds of people, a feat many of us are still striving for.
Please tell your mamma and daddy hi for me and let them know I love you all and will continue to pray for God's strenght and blessing on each of you.

Julie Lungaro said...

Eliot is so precious guys. i feel bad that i haven't visited, but i will definantly be visiting soon...tell him I said "hi!" and hope to see you three soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mooney Family,
Thank you so much for sharing baby Eliot with all of Fort Worth! He is precious! We are praying for you all and so excited to see all of your updates and pictures! You are amazing! We miss you! Debi and Brent Hicks and family

Lisa Hartsfield said...

Thought I would leave the prayer for today:

"Father, teach my children the secret of being content in every situatio, throught Him who gives them strength."

Continued prayers coming from Arlington, TX
Lisa Hartfield

Mrs. Olivia said...

Good morning Eliot! What a difference a week makes- You are such a big boy and I know you realise how blessed you are to have a Mom and Dad like Ginny and Matt- It is a privilege to be a part of your family's life experience and get to know you all. Thank you for being the Light of our Lord- Continue to grow in His presence and feel empowered with the strenghth, faith and love that He so willingly provides, but that most of us take too lightly-Love and prayers to all- Mrs. Olivia

Scott Cable said...

Hey guys I love you all and I am praying for you. Can't wait for Eliot to get out to LA and see the Pacific and hang out with his cool Uncle Scott.

Amanda Murdock said...

Uncle Scott!!!??? That is hilarious!! Well Mooney's I love ya and am still thinking of ya all the time! Eliot is beautiful! Praise the Lord for hope and grace!!
Love you guys!

Jenny Beth Walker said...

Hey Mooney family! Just thinking about you all and wanted you to know that. Yesterday was such a treat! We were all honored to be at Eliot's suprise party! Still celebrating...Love and prayers, Jenny Beth

Anonymous said...


Davidson's here. We read your blog. It is really neat, but nowhere as neat as you guys. Yall are awesome, Eliot is awesome. Yalls faith is awesome. So glad you are our friends. Much love.

The Davidsons

The Hargett Family said...

Matt, Ginny & Eliot -
You have been in our prayers for a few months - during the pregnancy and now that Eliot is here. We continue to praise God along with you about his progress and for the gift of each day of his life.
Kristen Hargett
(we go to HABC with Ron & Sandra)

Marsha Lang said...

Hello Matt and Ginny and Eliot! I am a friend of Andy and Cary Murphy's. I am on staff at Greentree Church with Cary and play on the worship team with Andy as well. When Cary sent this out this last week I was unable to access the web as our computer was down, but I just read your all's blog and am so blest and moved by your tender hearts and Eliot's journey. Know that I will be praying for you all and that I truly see God's hand in this...I may not understand it, but I do see His fingerprints even in the written entries and photos that your family is sharing with all of us. Thank you for inviting us to catch glimpses of God's grace! Enjoy every minute of this ride! In the Eternal Grip of His Grace, Marsha Lang

Anonymous said...

Matt, Ginny, and Eliot,
It is so wonderful to see the little man out and about. The entire family looks so happy - and what a privledge for all of us to see that joy and happiness.
Be strong little Eliot - all our love, corey, wyly, and wyles gilfoil

Beth said...

Hi Matt & Ginny,

You don't know me, but I know your friend Katy Orender. She asked our small group to pray for your family this past week. And I have. I can empathise with where God has brought you. My boss had a daughter with T-18 as well. And I watched his family celebrate, cry and everything in between the past two years. It was truly amazing to watch really. Even though they don't know the Lord well, their strength was like nothing I had ever seen. What an example it was! The love the family shared and showered on their little girl and on each other as support I truly believe changed them because they never took it for granted. It was incredibly deep what they shared. And although, like you said, it is something no one hopes for, you will love more deeply and know more fully God's love and sovereignty, maybe more than you could have imagined. And for that, there is much joy!

He's beautiful by the way. :)
Beth in Chicago

The Keeters said...

Hello Eliot! We are the Keeter family from Coppell, Texas. We actually got your blog site from a friend of ours (The Mitchell's, also from Texas)...for the past week we've been checking in on you and lifting you up in prayer. As proud parents of 3 precious girls (one of whom sits with our heavenly father), we are filled with both joy and thankfulness for the life you are given by our Perfect and Everlasting Father. We've never met you, but we will continue to pray for you as if you were right here in the heart of Texas. And you know those prayers will be big...because everything is bigger in Texas! Hang in there buddy and know that our God has His loving arms wrapped around you and will continue to work His will. For His will be done! We don't know you, but we love you dear friends! In His Name... Keep the Son in Your Eyes~ The Keeter Family

Melissa said...

What a beautiful miracle Elliot is! My heart is with you and your wonderful family.

Bethany said...

Hi Eliot from another Texan! You don't know me, but I feel like I know you and your parents. Your loving Aunt posted your story for a lot of photographers to read and what a blessing that was to me. I have 2 wonderful boys myself and reading about your inspirational 41 days has touched my heart in ways words cannot define. Please know that you and your parents will be in my prayers. I know that God is bigger than any disease, and each breath from a "life that is not viable" is a miracle. I pray for wisdom and guidance for your family. But mostly for peace and joy in the miracle and blessing that you are. Amazing how a boy 41 days can teach us things that take a lifetime for most of us to learn. I pray for many more days. I pray for life. Thank you for blessing my life today.

Phoenixdoula said...

I don't know you, just found your site through a link. I am so touched and honoured that you are sharing your son with the world through this blog. I was awed and humbled by the reading, and reminded that each day is a gift.

Blessings to you all

Seth Jones said...


It's a pleasure to welcome you to the world. Amazing things can happen when you don't talk to old friends for long periods of time... like YOU! I knew your mom (and then your dad) from Ruston, LA when she helped with my youth group. We had some brief time together in Nashville where I live before they moved to Arkansas. Some babies are luckier than others... you fell pretty high up with the parents you got. Conragts Mooneys.

Seth Jones

Maggs said...

Hi, Elliot. I'm a friend of a friend (maybe of a friend!). I'm so excited to hear that you are here and are teaching so many that our Lord is truly the Almighty Physician (not a bunch of guys in white coats!) I am praying for strength for you and your wonderful parents. God has a made a perfect match (as He always does) between you and your Mamma and Daddy. Thanks for sharing your story with all of us.

Matt Jackson said...

Matt, Ginny, and Eliot,

You're all in my thoughts, and though I don't find many occasions for praying, this is assuredly one of those times. I'll be sharing your family with others who are better skilled in that area. =) I the day today was a grand one.

Georgina Baker said...

Hi Matt and Ginny and Eliot!!! This is Georgina Baker, Fort Worth Klife ;).... We heard about Eliot and y'alls website from people in FW. Eliot is changing lives everywhere! Well what can I say. I am amazed. I already knew that y'all were an amazing couple, and y'all have already taught me so much and have been such an example of what it means to truly and faithfully follow God.... Something I never thanked you for when I was in highschool! and now I am getting to learn and grow from Eliot. Y'alls obedience and joy is evident in everything you do, and it is now even more evident in Eliot. .. I feel blessed to have gotten to learn from you both, and now I get to learn from Eliot. I miss you guys and think of you often! I will keep you and Eliot in my prayers daily... Eliot has changed my life today, and the lives of others around me that I have shown Eliots beautiful face... and I have only known about him for about 7 hours. Thank you for who you are and thank you for Eliot. I miss and love y'all!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through someone (who posted a note on my blog) having a prayer request for all of you on her blog. :) What a beautiful boy! I have been trying to read less blogs, but now that I am, I am going to bookmark your blog. :)


Anonymous said...

May God bless you all. What a precious gift God gave you.

kazu_11 said...

Aloha Matt and Ginny!

My name is Grace and I'm from Hawaii. I just saw your story on TV today which prompted me to turn on my computer to google Eliot. I am deeply saddened for your loss but at the same am amazed at your incredible strength and your faith in the Lord. I want you to know that your story will continue to inspire many people all over the world as it did to me. Eliot will live on in the hearts of many. YOu guys are so lucky to have had him fo the best 99 days of your lives. I wish you all the best. Thanks for sharing this blog.

Anonymous said...

Matt and Ginny- I don't know what to say that has not been said already. I saw this story on AOL and looked you up. Your story is inspiring and amazing, and I just want to encourage you to continue to follow and seek God. Thank you for sharing.

Heather from Rochester, NY

Cas said...

I just discovered your blog. Wow, thank you so much for sharing Eliot's life with us. His story NEEDS to be told! Not just his, but yours also. What a precious gift...