Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Look what my Aunt did.


Anonymous said...

lovely family...thank you for sharing the adventures with eliot.

janet crow

Rachel Booth said...

Matt, Ginny, and Eliot,
It has really been a blessing to keep up with your family. Eliot is such a precious baby boy! We look forward to meeting him at Tom-Rosa next summer! We keep all of you in our prayers.
Love, Rachel and Jim Booth

Anonymous said...

What a blessing you are, Little Eliot.

Thank you for sharing...

Cyndee ><>

courtney crumrine said...

absolutely beautiful baby, what a blessing!

Judie Ledbetter said...

Wow! what an Aunt you have Eliot.
Of course, you are a beautiful baby for this photo shoot. This is breathtaking, what a wonderful way to begin my day, love ~ Judie

Julie Floyd Jones said...

Ginny, Matt, and Eliot,
Jenny Ballentine sent me your website, and I'm fighting tears reading your postings. Ginny - you may not even remember me, but I was an Alpha Chi with you at Alabama - just a few years older. I have a 10 month old son, and reading about the ups and downs that you are going through has really hit home.
Know that your sweet little family is in our thoughts and prayers, and I hope that Eliot continues to grow and thrive and surprise you every day. Sincerely,
Julie Floyd Jones

Anonymous said...

Wow - I'm at a loss for words, as I sit here with tears streaming down my face. As I walk around this world on a daily basis with my four beautiful healthy children, healthy parents and good health for myself, with a cranky attitude - never having quite enough - never living in the moment - what's next, what's next????, toooo much to do...

I am amazed at your ability to live in the moment and make lemonade from lemons. I truly believe that God does not give a person more than they can handle and he needed some very special parents for this amazing boy Eliot... he certainly picked the right ones. What a lucky boy!

I found your blog through a photography site I frequent and I believe that it was no accident... I need to slow down and enjoy the moment that is today, stop worrying about tomorrow and what is to come.

I saw this poem a long time ago as a young girl in the home of some family friends who had a special needs child and it has stuck with me for a very long time... I found it online and thought you might enjoy it...


A meeting was held quite far from Earth.
It was time again for another birth.

Said the Angels to the Lord above –
This special child will need much love.

His progress may be very slow
Accomplishment he may not show.

And he'll require extra care
From the folks he meets down there.

He may not run or laugh or play
His thoughts may seem quite far away

So many times he will be labeled
'different', 'helpless' and 'disabled'.

So, let's be careful where he's sent. We want his life to be content.

Please, Lord, find the parents who
Will do a special job for you.

They will not realize right away
The leading role they are asked to play.

But with this child sent from above
Comes stronger faith and richer love.

And soon they'll know the privilege given
In caring for their gift from heaven.

Their precious charge, so meek and mild
Is heaven's very special child.”

Have a beautiful day...

Anonymous said...

Ginny and Matt,

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted a comment yet, but it's been hard to find the right words to express what I'm feeling. Oh, forget the right words, I'll just ramble!

I cannot tell you how much I look forward to checking this blog every Thursday night (being a day ahead is so confusing sometimes!) and see how my favorite little cousin is doing! What I wouldn't give to be able to smooch on his tiny squishy feet! I have shared this blog with friends around the world, and I'm amazed to see how this 41 day old little man is affecting people that I'm working with in China that I would never expect to be affected! You've got quite a support group over here - people are constantly asking about Eliot and about you, and needless to say, they're awestruck. I remind them that you're incredible because God is the epitomy of incredible, and it's so refreshing to see that lightbulb go on in their heads and their hearts.

Keep the pictures and stories coming - you're such an anchor for me back in the 'real world'. Love and smooches galore from China....

Anna Whatley

beth said...

Hi Mooneys! What a beautiful family!


Anonymous said...

I just want you both to know just how precious your little guy is and I pray you get to celebrate many more days with him. He is a precious gift from God.

Jill Hall

Anonymous said...

Matt, Ginny & Eliot,
I am Liz Merritt's sis and Liz has been sharing Eliot's journey with me. He is absolutly precious & the most amazing gift! We are praying for you as God leads you through each day! God's love and peace to you all!
Love-Erin & Tony Kim

Anonymous said...

The pictures are awsome!! What a treasure!

Matt I love the story about the rainbow--it reminded me of when my mother in law passed away and I prayed to God please help us and show me that things are going to be OK--some time had passed, it had rained and as I stepped outside there before me was a double rainbow like I have never seen before--beginning to end-- the sky was beautiful! And I knew things where going to be OK.

May God continue to give you peace and everything else you need as you enjoy every moment of every day with you precious son Eliot!!!

Eliot what an awsome child you are! Here's to many more Birthdays!!

We continue to pray for you all daily.

Rick and Phena Parker

The Walkie Talkie said...

Mooneys, I still look at the blog every day- at least once a day (borderline blog stalking). Just to see the sweet pictures of Eliot. I realized though I had not posted in a while. So wanted to check in and say "Hi!" Still thinking of you constantly and celebrating along side you. Much love, JB and family Oh and "GO HOGS!" Hit that line, hit that know the rest

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of Brooks Parker and she asked me to pray for Eliot. I read and cried through your blog and I am so touched by your faith, your courage, and your beautiful son. Thanks for taking the time to share your joys of parenthood. I will certainly pray specifically for Eliot and your family. God Bless.
Cheri Etheridge

Anonymous said...

Your Aunt directed me to your site. You are a darling, sweet Eliot. You are blessed with beautiful, loving parents. All of you are in my prayers.

Jeanne from KS

Anonymous said...

Matt and Ginny - May you be blessed with 40 more days, and 40 more after that, and 40 more after that......

Thank you for sharing your precious story and God Bless!

Carol Mellema

Anonymous said...

I have a friend in Florida, a fellow photographer who has a tris 18 boy who is 16-17 YEARS old. Has defied every medical expert's prognosis. She is who I called when one of my wedding couple's contacted me to come photograph their soon to be born (and expected to die) tris 18 little girl.

I was able to photograph Esprit at home surrounded by her older sister, mother and father and not completely lose it. Imagine my joy and wonder to receive a call from the couple a few years later - they wanted another family portrait with their new baby and HER older sister - Esprit. Again, confounding all medical expectations, Esprit is now a happy, joyous 5 year old. These two have been my only experience with tris 18 babies so I am... hopeful.

My hopes and prayers for you and your family.


zazou said...

Sending you all the love and the prayers that I can. He is such a precious baby.

Terral L. Cesak said...

Matt, Ginny, & Eliot,
love this week's pictures and blog - I've always set apart rainbows as my sign too! Your Aunt Amy is super talented! Happy 40 days and I'm praying for many more. Keep growing. ..

Ric Moseley said...

Matt and Ginny,

My heart broke for you all this week when I heard about Eliot. However, I have been encouraged by reading your blog and hearing the words of hope come from your lives. You all mean the world to me, and I am thankful for our time shared doing K-Life together. Eliot and y'all are in my prayers.

And "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Rom.15:13

Much Love,


amy said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for sharing Eliot's special projects with your now extended "family" of prayer warriors around the world. Those first two days with Eliot were so powerful both spiritually and emotionally that they had to be preserved in a unique way. Here's to many more opportunities to celebrate Eliot as God continues to move. Go God!!!

Aunt Amy

Anonymous said...

Eliot you are precious! Your daddy should be a writer. Matt and Ginny, you all are awesome and such an inspiration to all of us. The K-Life kids are learning more than you can imagine from you all. We love hearing from you and lots of people would love your address. Thanks for sharing with us and you know you are in our prayers. Nancy, Martin and William

Ben said...

Hi! This is Alison Cooper...Amy's best friend. Not sure if ya'll remember me, but I can still remember meeting the two of you for the first time in Louisiana when I came w/Gabe and Amy a few years ago. Amy told me about ya'lls blog page, and I couldn't stop reading it and sharing it with friends and family. The three of you are truly inspiring. Your faith amazes me, and I have been renewed in my own faith on this day as I read about Eliot. Thank you for taking the time to post and share. Ben and I are praying for ya'll and will be checking this page often...Love in Him, Alison <><

newmommy102103 said...

At a loss for words, I turn to the one place that has all the answers.
God says, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart..."Jeremiah 1:5
You have been created by God for his pleasure. He makes no mistakes, and picked these two special people to be your parents. You are truly blessed to have such wonderful parents that give credit where the credit is due. I am praying for you and your mommy and daddy.

Matt and Ginny:

"but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."Isaiah 40:31
Boy how you guys show this to be true.
I pray for yall's continued strength and hope in the Lord. Through Him all things are possible, and many more 40 day birthdays are possible!
Today was my first day to visit your site, and I am glad I did. It help us (readers) to stop and find pleasure in every little moment. I hope that our words to you are helpful in some way, and I know that our many prayers are not unheard. Thank you for taking time out of your precious moments with your son to include us.
I have added your family to our prayer chain here in Leander, Texas. May God continue to bless you with precious moments with your precious little man.
Cary Edwards

johnnie & candice said...

Hey Matt,Ginny & Eliot!

What a wonderful family! Candice and I just finished catching up on you guys---we think your amazing spirit is a testament to many! I hope we can meet Eliot soon!

Lots of love & God Bless,
Johnnie & Candice Campbell

Anonymous said...


You are a testimony of God's unfailing grace and love. I will say a prayer for you each day, sweet baby.

Misty Inman

cindy bracken said...

You are a beautiful family. My prayers for your sweet, sweet Eliot.

Anonymous said...

Seeing the pictures brings a big smile to my face. I love to fourty-day crown, it was a nice touch. You guys are way too adorable for words! i love you all so much, and im thinkin about you everyday!

Anonymous said...

so i just forgot to tell you guys who i was in the above post... typical.


Anonymous said...

life's weaving ...

my life is but a weaving between my God and me; i may not choose the colors; He knows what they should be.

for He can view the pattern upon the upper side,
while i can see it on only, this the underside.

sometimes He weaveth sorrow, which seems so strange to me; but i will trust His judgement, and work on faithfully;

tis' He who fills the shuttle, He knows just what is best;
so i shall weave in earnest and leave Him with the rest.

at last, when life is ended, with Him i shall abide,
then i may view the pattern upon the upperside;
i shall then know the reason why pain with joy entwined,
was woven in the fabric of the life that God designed.

(source of poem ...unknown to me. )
it is comforting to know that God is at work...that He is the MAster Designer...The Potter... in lives yielded to HIM....and HE never makes mistakes. Hope this day is a joyful one for the mooney family.

a book i think you would like...The Power of the Powerless...don't know who wrote...maybe dan allender.

janet crow

Minnie said...

I am so blown away by this amazing little man of yours! I just went through this morning and read all of your archives. What an amazing journey the Lord has brought you all on!

Thank you for sharing his story. It will renew hope and it will give strength to those who need it. Our God is a sovereign God and I know He will bring so much glory out of Elliot's sweet life.

Praying for you all in Fort Worth, TX.

Erin From NY said...

wow, your aunt deserves a pat on the back that is a beautiful keepsake that you will cherish as long as you live. Shes very talented and had excellent material to work with.

Anonymous said...

Matt, Ginny, and Eliot,
I have been keeping up with what is going on with your family since before Eliot was born and I am constantly touched by what God is doing in your lives. I have shared about Eliot in the past few weeks that I have been at college and now many people at Oklahoma Baptist University are praying for you guys.

In His love,
Emily Eaton

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family and a beautiful story.

Anonymous said...

Eliot is a wonderful blessing to the two of you and he is very lucky to have such amazing parents. My prayers go out to your family.
C in Texas

Julie said...

What a beautiful family you have. Thank you for sharing your story with us so that your family in Christ can join with you in prayer for beautiful Elliot. I spent 4 years in your neck of the woods - attending college at John Brown University in Siloam Springs. Our prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Matt, Ginny & Eliot,
Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Thank you for keeping everyone updated with pictures and information about Eliot. He is a true gift of God.

Dannie, Becky & Logan Sanderson

Katy Thompson said...

Matt, Ginny and Eliot, I love your pictures and your photo shoot is amazing. Thank you for sharing with us all you are learning, there are so many lessons in there for all of us. I love you all and can't wait to come see you and meet Eliot some time. Thanks for keeping us updated. Happy 40th, that number has certainly proven to be used by the Lord. Love you guys,
Kat(h)y Thompson

Stacey said...

What a great gift your Aunt gave you! Pictures to last a lifetime. I love what it says, I actually have a picture in my living room that says just that. I try to remember to take each step in life, especially with my children, remembering that!!

Anonymous said...

She did a great job. I love it.

mwterral said...

Matt and Ginny,I have read and reread your Wednesday messages, and it has been such a blessing to know that the Lord is still such a strong force in your life. His grace is sufficient - for His strength is made perfect in weakness. I know that if Eliot had been given to a mother and father who did not know the Lord, he (Eliot) would have suffered greatly and not felt the love that you two shower upon him. I pray for all of you every day, and I have asked the First Baptist Church in Farmerville to keep you on the prayer list. Wouldn't you like to know exactly how many prayers are lifted to God on Eliot's behalf, as well as yours. daily? May God bless you and keep you and Eliot safe in His hands and continue to give you strength and peace. Love, M'Margie