Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bath Time


Becky Meredith Page said...

Good morning, Mooneys. Thanks for the new pics. We're all passing along the blog to keep y'all in the loop of who is praying for you both and Eliot. I think he looks so much like both of you - I definitely see Ginny in that little face, too! And Gin, you are a stud - already going for walks. That stroller looks marathon ready for sure. I love you guys and God keeps laying you all on my heart. Eliot is a huge encouragement to me.

kent mckeaigg said...

Mooney's... first of all i miss you guys.

I don't really know what to say, I have tears in my eyes and my heart is heavy, yet I am amazed at God and life. Your last post Matt was full of wisdom... we find fulfillment in areas we don't look.. and I know I often find emptiness in areas I "just know" will make me happy. That lesson has kind of been em and i's theme this last year... Thanks for sharing this load in your journey. My prayer is that those of us who know you, can help bare the load...even if it is through a blog...

The heart that you guys have is encouraging to me.

Know that emily and i are praying for you. We will check this blog often...and pray.. cry... laugh... find joy... find encouragement... fight the discouragement...feel the pain... and praise our god...with you.

God show up in their life.. make your presence known...and may their hearts respond like jobs..."i know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted... Surely I spoke of things i did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know... My ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you."(42:1ish- 6ish)

kent and emily mckeaigg

christine dow said...

i am praying for you beloved friends and little one...please let me know if there is anything i can do...i love you and ache for and with you...may Jesus lift your head and heart this day...

Anonymous said...

Matt and Ginny,
I met you once, Matt, at Mandy's wedding (I wouldn't expect you to remember!)But I go way back with your parents, Matt. My husband, Tommy, and I ran around with Ron and Sandra in Little Rock B.C. (before children)and some after Mandy was born. We are Tamara Martin's parents. My heart was so heavy as Ron explained to me what was likely ahead for you before Eliot was born. I have followed your blog and been so encouraged by the way the two of you have continued to learn about and take care of your precious little boy. How fortunate he is and I expect you say how fortunate you are to have him. Tommy and I continue to pray for the three of you and look forward to continued updates and pics.
Mary Linda Ward

Anonymous said...

baby Eliot, what a joy you are and what a blessing to so many. I have been asking about your family and laura and heather have given me updates. Your life is so big, so joyous and larger than we really can grasp. I am so proud, encouraged and blessed to know your mom - what an angel. And to the entire Mooney family may your time continue to be blessed.
Sarah Clark

Anonymous said...

Ginny and Matt - You 3 are in my prayers. I wish I were as eloquent as you, Matt. Alas, I must simply state that I wish I knew you better. You are truly strong wonderful people. All of us reading your blogs are priviledged to learn from your wisdom, courage and brilliant spirits. Know that I continue to pray for you and that beautiful baby boy.
All my best - Clair Kolman (Brooks' sister)

Anonymous said...

Eliot, I know your Grandma Sandra and Grandpa Ron from church, and I KNOW that they love their kids and grandkids! You are one of their precious treasures, priceless and dearly loved. They wear their love for you and your mommy and daddy on their faces each time I ask about you. You are such an amazing little miracle, and I know that you are giving your mom and dad so many memories that they thought they might not have. Even though I don't know you, I praise God for your life! -Crystal

Cindy Allen said...

I don't know you but I was sent a link to your site from a client of mine who asked me to join in the prayers. Consider it done.

There is a song that goes "If I had a day that I could give to you, I'd give to you a day just like today." How wonderful that you are taking part in life so fully with Eliot and he will know he is loved all his life.

You may grieve for that which would have been your delight, but what we remember lives on. The memories you are creating today can be hidden away as a treasure that you know is there all the time.

Anonymous said...

Matt, Ginny, and Eliot,
First of all, congratulations! Eliot is so precious! I have visited your blog many times since my sister, Judy Rogers, told me of everything going on in your lives. What an inspiration you are to us all! Thank you for sharing your faith and devotion to God. I am encouraged with how you are embracing life and the opportunity God has given you! You are in our prayers always.

Pam and Gaillard Bixler

Dee Moss said...

I have not had the opportunity to meet you, but your story was passed on to me by a mutual friend. I am amazed and inspired by your steadfastness and reliance on our Father. As I prepare to celebrate my son's first birthday next week, I am remeinded that each day is a precious gift of God which can also mean it may be taken away at any time. He who gives, also takes away. Your story could have been my families, and could still be. My heart truly goes out to you.

I love your daily celebrations with Eliot and it reminds me how I need to have that kind of a heart. Dealing with a pre-toddler can be frustrating, yet I read your story and am humbled realizing you would give anything for that time. Your story has changed how I will approach each day with my son and will hopefully relish the 'frustrations' I experience and understand that he is just trying to learn.

I know you have heard it a thousand times, but you are encouraging people all over the globe and are a daily inspiration. How I love will be forever changed.

I will be praying for your family - specifically for a miracle for Eliot. I will pray that you do not become weary in your daily routine and struggle and that your faith will not waiver. Through this, we have to trust God will be glorified even though we may not yet know how, at least on this side of Heaven. Blessings to you all.

Four Oaks Mules said...

Oh, my goodness. THAT IS GABE'S NOSE! How funny. Elliot is a sweetie and I'm still praying every day for you guys. I love you, Olivia

Anonymous said...

Just thinking of you three today and wishing we still lived close to fayetteville so we could stop by and all join in on the walk. But i feel so connected to share in your story through your blog. thanks for your transparance. We love you!
Big and Mrs. Newms

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt and Ginny-

Eliot is so cute! I love all of the pictures and can't tell you how much your sharing Eliot's story means to me. He is such an encouragement.

We will continue to pray for you.

Katie and Jonathan Pennington

Anonymous said...

Matt and Ginny,
Thanks for letting all of us be a part of your lives. While reading your words and looking at your pictures one readily senses your contentment, your peace and your joy. All of us who eagerly go to the site to check on the three of you are quite blessed by being with you. I got out a picture of Edna and me holding the Ginnys at your first Easter and I do believe I see some resemblence in Eliot and his Mom! I think of you constantly. MsMullady

Anonymous said...

Matt, Ginny and Eliot,
There is not a day that goes by that we are not praying for you. We continue to lift you up., girl, you look great! You so encourage me. Matt...thank you for keeping us updated, you are such a strong daddy! Eliot...what a precious baby boy. You are so special to us, we love you. What you shared that you have learned from Eliot inspires us so much. Your hearts have encouraged us, we love you and know that you are in our prayers.
Jeff and Christina Cazzell

Ashley Sanford said...

First of all, can I say that Ginny puts us all to shame. Not just the rocking hot body, but that sweet smile...

Ginny, I can't help but appreciate God's timing... the Creator knew your story long before Eliot made an appearance. It has been a privilege to watch you growing into the image of Christ ever since our sophomore year. I knew we'd be friends that day at the Alpha Chi house; I just had no idea the journey we'd go on together. When I grow up, I want to be just like you!

Matt- what can I say? I told you the night before y'all got married that you were worthy to be trusted with Ginny's heart; how many times over you have proved that! Seems like God decided you were also worthy to watch over Eliot's. You are an example to us all.

I love you, friends, and am daily encouraged by your hope and trust in the Lord. Can't wait to hug your necks and meet the newest Mooney.

Janice Massey said...

Dear Matt,
I just received an email from Judy Myers daughter, Lisa, who is my neice-in-law living in Dallas, TX. So, I just now found out about your family's situation. I just want to say that as of this moment you have my prayers added to all the others for your little boy. I think you will remember that I do understand what you are going through. And I can say "God is still working His Wonderful Miracles. I am continually asking one for you.
Your old science teacher, Mrs. Massey

Susan Fairchild said...

Learned of your site on the web just last night at prayer meeting at Transylvania Baptist Church. Of course everyone is praying for you and Baby Eliot. Thank you for sharing your life and your faith with the world. Your life and your words give honor and glory to God and I thank you for that. I wish every baby could be loved and wanted as much as Eliot. Susan Fairchild, Transylvania, LA.

andy atkins-----nashville said...

wow, i had no idea that eliot had been born. That is great. I don't know all the details on his birth and situation. but after reading all posts shown on this page i have been touched by his and the both of you guys' strength. I do hope for the best and will your family will be in my prayers. i miss you, matt and ginny. and i'm sure that eliot is just as much a delight to be around as the two of you. I am coming to fville to play a show with my band on the 23rd and was hoping that the two of you could come. but i see that that might be a big task. maybe we'll run into each other...

Meredith D. said...

I can't help but smile when I look at these pictures, because he is so so cute. I think of your family every day and continue to pray. I am so glad you are all having so much fun in the park and going out to eat, and being the great family that you are. I can't get over how cute he is! Those pictures are so precious.

Anonymous said...

Matt and Ginny, Wow! Your strength is amazing. Eliot is so precious and your family is constantly in my prayers. Y'all have been such an inspiration to everyone.
Much love, Mary Kathryn Schneider

Anonymous said...

To precious Eliot and your parents,
thank you for sharing your life and story of God's grace. You are all in my prayers,
Kim(friend of Cary's)

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt, Ginny and Eliot! This is Jenny Robertson, Kym's friend (work for the American Heart Association). I think about you guys all the time and am so inspired and encouraged by your strength. I think of the verse, "The Joy of the Lord is your Strength" from Nehemiah when I think of you all. I am praying for you and rejoicing with you at each marvelous and precious day you get to spend with Eliot. He is adorable. Keep looking to HIM.

Kim King said...

Matt & Ginny, I want you to know that you and your precious Eliot are in our prayers and thoughts daily. Guys, your remarkable faith in the Lord is a constant blessing to me. I fear that I would not have the strength you two do. God is so good! Eliot is beautiful little boy! He is also blessed to have been born to such devoted and loving parents. Your dad was so proud of some pictures he received today of Eliot. I was walking down the hall and he called me into his office and said look at this. He loved the picture of you all that looks like someone just told a joke! Eilot seems to be smiling just as big as you two! Remember that we keep you in our prayers and want you to know how much we are touched through your daily walk.

Kenenth & Kim King

Andy Murphy said...

Dear Baby Elliot,
You don't realize it, but you have changed the world. There are probably a hundred or more people who, though they will never meet you, are praying for you every day and night. They will never know the joy of seeing you smile or squirm. But they are loving you from afar.

You are changing my life, Elliot. You are making my marriage better and stronger. You are giving me a reason to talk to the creator of the world with my wife. You are a blessing to us all. I hope that in heaven you will know the gift that you are to a world that needs the joy you bring.

Thank you, Mooney's, for having this blog, and opening up your life to the watching world. We are praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mooneys,
My name is Nycole, and a friend of mine who knows you asked me to share some of my story with you in hopes that it would give you some encouragement. My little baby Austin was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at 6 months. It is a genetic disorder that affects 1:20,000 births. At first it was a huge disheartening diagnosis. We were devastated, but we accepted it and put him on a prayer list at our church. At 7 months we were at Children's Hospital in Little Rock to get a CT scan in preparation for open-heart surgery. When they gave him the anesthesia to make him go to sleep for the test, he went into cardiac arrest. They had to do CRR on him, put him on a sort of bypass machine, and kept him on that for a week. We thought we had lost him, our beautiful firstnorn child. As soon as they told me that he had coded, I called my family and my work, and they all put him on all the prayer lists they knew. This boy was on prayer chains across the country. He had open-heart surgery shortly after that, and came through just fine. We were there for a month. Today he is doing great. He'll be a year old on the 7th of September. I just wanted to share that story with you guys, to show that God really does perform miracles. My child is living proof of that.

Kim Burton-Norman said...

Matt,Ginny & Sweet Eliot--
Have been out of town for several days, but the minute I came through the front door, I went straight to my computer to see the latest Wednesday blog!
Reading your wisdom, I think of Mary, Jesus' mother. She would not have chosen the path God had planned for her, but embraced His will as her own. However--how special she must have been in the Father's eyes to experience the privilege of caring for His most special gift to the world. Matt, you and Ginny must be awfully special in God's eyes to have been chosen to care for this most precious gift to all of us watching from afar, sweet little Eliot.
Whether his life on this earth is long or short, only God knows. But the impact that he has made on countless lives around the world is eternal.
God bless you all today. Looking forward to Eliot's 1st month birthday!
xxxooo Kim Burton-Norman

Anna Nesom said...

Hi Ginny and family-

This is Anna Nesom (Amy's cousin) I came across your page through Amy and Gabe's blog and I am so happy I did. I have been thinking about ya'll often and wondering how things are going and I am so happy to see that ya'll are doing so well! Eliot is such a doll and a true blessing!!! He is an inspiration to everybody, myself included. I am currently at LSUHSC hoping to become a neonatal nurse, and seeing Eliot's sweet face and knowing I can someday be lucky enough to work with such little miracles as him inspires me to keep pursuing my dreams! As always I will continue to keep ya'll in my thoughts and prayers.

God Bless!
Anna (

Jody McComas said...

It's been really great to hear updates from Ashley and read your blog. We have been praying for you and Eliot. God just does things in our lives that we never expect or imagine so often. I pray many sweet blessings for you and your family each day.

Kaitlin Wood said...

You don't know me, but I am a highschool friend of Kym Brinkley and got connected with your blog through her site. I just wanted to write and let your family know how amazing I think you all are and how moved and humbled I am everytime I check in with your site. Please know I keep you in my thoughts and prayers and am wowed by Gods grace that is showing through your family. My husband and I have and 8 month old son, Lane, and your postings truly put life into perspective and make me so appreciative to what God gives us every day. Kaitlin

Anonymous said...

Matt and Ginny,
I've been following your story since Ron and Sandra told us (Sundy School class) of your situation. I have to say that I am amazed at how you have completely and totally surrendered the situation to God. So many times we try to hang on to things that we need to let go of and you have set a wonderful example for all of us.
This little bundle of joy is so very special not only because of the wonderful miracle he already was at birth, but because he has shown us that through Christ all things are possible.
You remain in my prayers and I look forward to future postings of Eliots new 'firsts'.

Anonymous said...

Eliot, Ginny, and Matt,

We're keeping up with you all through all of your postings and through info passed on by Glenna. It sounds like you are both cherishing the joys of parenting, which, as parents of an infant ourselves, we have come to enjoy as well. We're thinking about and praying for you.

Kellie, Seth, and Andrew Schmeeckle
(Glenna's college roommate)

Anonymous said...

Matt and Ginny,

Susie Walker let me know about Eliot and passed to me your address. Eliot's life is tiny as he is we see how God is using him to teach about HIM everywhere ! I join many in praying for him and for you.

Janet Crow

Kathy and Sarah Brooks said...

Dearest Matt and Ginny,
We are so blessed to hear of your faith and love through this time. We loved seeing the pictures and reading what God is teaching you. May God continue to fill you up with His joy overflowing.

"Your unfailing love, O Lord, is as vast as the heavens. Your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds." -Psalm 36:5

Anonymous said...

Eliot, I love reading about you. Today's message was one more on the spiritual discipline of submission. I am inspired by the demonstration of submission that your parents are showing all of us as they enjoy you - a precious gift from God. Love those bath seens too.

Tommy Walker

Anonymous said...

Happy Monday to the Mooneys.
It is encourageing and challenging to read about all that Eliot has brought to your lives in a few weeks. May he continue to teach and sharpen you as the precious days go by. I love the photos, the lessons, and even the names of old friends listing comments to you (hi to becky and christine!).
Thank you for being vulnerable and so willing to share God's lessons with us. You are a beautiful family.
Much love,
Amy Unruh

Lauren Higley said...

Hi sweet Mooney family! I was so excited when I stumbled across this blog! Eliot is absolutely precious and already so dear to my heart. I am actually about to start working in the NICU as a nurse and am so excited. I have been working there for over a year as a nurse sweet babies like Eliot are definately my heart's desire to care for! Please know that I will be praying...praying...praying for you three! I miss you guys so much and may need to make a trip to see you sometime! Love you!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mooney family,
My name is Jaimie Alley and I'm a friend of Cary Murphy's. I was given your blog site along with a prayer request for your family. It's amazing to me that even though we've never met, you're able and willing to share your lives, and more importantly God's amazing grace with me and countless other strangers. Thank you and know that you are being lifted up here in St. Louis.
In Christ's Love,
Jaimie Alley

elisabeth beasley said...

matt & ginny, I am friend of the Martins, Davidsons, Wasemillers. We've been hearing about Eliot. Tonight has been the first time I've been able to read your blogs.

The day you went to Willow Creek to have Eliot, my Mom was being diagnosed with her second round of cancer. Hearing about Eliot helped us gain perspective and sit in awe at God's amazing grace.

The winds of change continue blowing in my life as we sent our first born to kindergarten today and once again I am reminded by you to cherish each moment and celebrate each day with my children.

Eliot is truely a miracle. Not only by his life today, but by the life he has breathed anew in the hundreds of others who have been touched by his little 6 pound existence. God is so vast and BIG, it is amazing to see him dwell in something so small.

I am praying for your continued strength as his parents and for HIS continued strength. He has done so much for so many in these few weeks. He is accomplishing a GREAT work of the Lord. What an amazing kid, what an amazing legacy!

Love, elisabeth beasley

Travis and Rachel Jardot said...

Baby Eliot, I just want to tell you how much your life has touched mine. When I look at your pictures I see God's strength in your little eyes. It fills me with encouragement to know that you are covered by God's loving hands and that He wants to see you live a long happy life for His glory. You are one loved little boy, and I thank God for the blessing you are and that you will be to each and every person that has or will cross your path. We love you Mooney family!