Thursday, August 10, 2006



Anonymous said...

Matt and Ginny,
I continue to be humbled by your spirit and steadfastness. It is a true privilege to appeal to the Father on your behalf. Thanks for sharing your lives with all of us. God is good!

Much Love,
Kyle, Amy, Abby, Tate, Darby, Thatch, Audra and Carly

Teague's said...

Matt and Ginny,
We were so excited and blessed to meet Eliot last night! He is precious!

Max and Amy May Teague

Anonymous said...

I sure wouldn't want to scrap with Eliot! What a fighter!!!
Matt, he does look like you.
Thanks so much for sharing the pics. Glad to see Ginny is getting some sleep.
Ya'll take care!

Anonymous said...

Matt, Ginny, and Eliot,
What wonderful pictures and a fun family outing! Thank you for sharing these precious moments and know that we are all supporting and praying for all of you every single day.
Sarah Fautheree

Jenny Beth Walker said...

Happy 3 week birthday Eliot! And I couldn't agree more- according to the pictures you are your daddy's son. Enjoyed reading about the fun family outing. Thanks for taking the time to share details of life at home. You are very thoughtful to do so. Still praying for you guys constantly and cheering y'all on! Much love, Jenny Beth (and family)

Anonymous said...

Matt and Ginny,
What an awesome family. The pictures are great, we are so happy ya'll are home. Thank you for taking time to share with us. Thank you Jesus for this precious miracle! Many, many prayers coming from the Cazzell house.
We love you,
Jeff and Christina

Lisa said...

What GREAT pictures! He is justing getting cuter by the day! I pray for the three of you daily and passed your website along to our church so that the prayer team can keep up with your families progress and daily life as well and so they know exactly what you are praying for and join you! He is certainly a fighter :) Sometimes the biggest things are in the smallest packages! Thank you for being so willing to share your experiences with anyone who wants to join you. You are making a lot of people around the country remember to slow down and enjoy the gifts they have been given!

Lisa Hartsfield
Arlington, TX

Anonymous said...

matt ginny and sweet eliot! i have smiled and cried through all these blog posts, i just wanted to say that i love all three of you and am grateful for your matchless example to me. blessings on this day.
many hugs
matt and martha newman

Anonymous said...

Matt and Ginny,
I am so glad Glenna told us about your blog. We are so happy to hear news of Eliot's arrival. He is beautiful and strong, as are clearly the both of you. We are thinking of you all every day. Love,Tom and Liz and Theodora Tolbert

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,
I just heard about your baby Eliot. I didn't even know when your wife was due! He is so precious and looks a lot like you already. Please know your family is in my prayers!
Kristin Freeman

Kristi Farmer said...

Matt and Ginny,
Your newest addition is truly an angel. What amazing parents you two are. I had no doubt in my mind that you would use a situation like this for His glory. I truly admire you both for your strength and complete dependence on Him. Thanks for reminding us of the Lord's continuous love.

James and Kristi Farmer

Anonymous said...

Matt, Ginny and Eliot! He is so adorable! Thanks for sharing your lives with us. I been so blessed and encouraged by your stories and am so honored to be able to pray for your family. Know that your family is on my heart and in my prayers.

Love you guys
Tim Adams

Anonymous said...

Good Monday morning! Hope y'all's week goes well. Just wanted you to know that I was thinking of y'all this morning and saying a little prayer for you guys right now. Just wanted you to know that. Much love and many prayers,

Becky Page said...

Hi Eliot. Your picture with your dad's nose to yours makes me want to say, "elllliiiiioooot" just like E.T. did. Your little life has already been so important. You have already made an impact, even on me.

Lord, we ask for Your grace and mercy so that even when we cannot see Your hand, we may glimpse Your face.

Matt & Ginny, I'm so humbled. I'm praying for you. Praying for your sweet boy, for joy in this scary journey.

Love to both you guys,
Becky (Meredith) Page

The Mitchells said...

I don't know the 3 of you, but am adding you to my list of prayers. My friend Becky (Meredith) Page sent me your blog. Our daughter spent 4 weeks in the NICU after birth due to illness (meningitis) and I can only imagine your days. I am here to encourage many have now told us of the gravity of our daughter (Ella) and her condition at birth. So many have said that she shouldn't have made it...well, God was in control. I will encourage you that prayer and support of the prayerful is amazing. Ella is behind and we have a long road ahead, but I'm confident in Christ that she is exactly how he wanted her, and the same for Eliot. He is so precious and a gift from can see it in his face. Love and prayers from Dallas.
Andrea, Joe, and Ella Mitchell

Anonymous said...

He makes my heart melt!! I can tell how much he loves his mommy and daddy! Thank you for keeping us updated. God continues to put your family on my heart everyday and it it a blessing to pray for each one of you.
We truly love the Mooney's!!!
I hope to meet your little man soon.
-brooke, fin , elle, and si

Debbie said...

I met you through Andrea, Joe and Ella Mitchell. I've known Andrea since she was a young girl. My son and I "do noses" and felt compelled to write. My prayers are with your family. Eliot is a darling little boy!