Thursday, August 10, 2006

Like mother, like son


Mrs. Olivia said...

Two sleeping beauties! sorry Eliot-one handsome prince- Thank you for updating the blog. It is such a blessing to be a witness to your experience. Know that the prayers continue daily for all of you.Thank you for reminding us that life is such a precious gift- meant to be cherised,enjoyed and praised. Love and prayers to all, Mrs. Olivia

Jenny Beth Walker said...

What a sweet, sweet picture! Soak in all those precious, precious moments! Again- thanks for sharing. Our prayers are with you! Much love, JB

Anonymous said...

Ginny, Matt, and Eliot,
It's great to see you all on here. Thanks for taking the time to update the blog. I look forward to more next Wednesday. In the meantime, my prayers continue for your family. Though the world won't understand it, I believe you are truly blessed.
I love you all.
Amy Unruh

Donna Rumph said...

Susie Glover Lovekamp sent me your blog tonight. What a beautiful, peacful picture. Praying "...healing, continued life and grace..." for you all. Thank you for sharing your precious miracle with us.
Touched by you,
Donna Rumph
Macon, GA