Tuesday, January 02, 2007


We are currently in Orlando with friends- watching the hogs lose, watching the fireworks.

Good New Year to you all. I've currently got 17 New Year's resolutions. By the time I post again, I'll update you on how many are out the window already.

We'll be posting again soon.

Love Matt & Ginny


Anonymous said...

That's the spirit...Hog and New Year's. I haven't actually counted all of my resolutions but am probably close to 17. A few of mine are already out the window. Hope y'all enjoy Orlando (despite the game)! Love, JB and family

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was actually going to try to call you all today. I was thinking about you guys and praying for you all last night when I couldn't sleep. This year I missed getting together with everyone around Christmas (our usual tradition at the Gardners). Maybe we can plan something for later whenever you all are up to it. Have a great time and Happy New Year! Love, Michaela & Jake