Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Son

My son was not strong
by any measure of man.
But his song I will sing whenever I can.

It sounds of truth
and rings out of grace,
Removing the veil and revealing God’s face.

My son was a picture
painted bold and bright.
His life throwing color on world’s canvas of night.

The subject unfolded,
a new stroke each day.
Until brought into focus was true joy’s way.

In the least likely place
and hard to explain.
Joy was found in the midst of the pain.

The awe of a life
and the wonder of birth.
My son was a gift of unspeakable worth.

His heart could not hold
his song came to rest.
And I am left with no son to hold on my chest.

My son was not strong
by any measure of man.
But his song I will sing whenever I can.

So ask of my boy,
consider it no bother.
When I tell of my son I tell of my Father.


Lisa said...

Absolutely PERFECT!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa in S.C.

Lisa said...

What a beautiful tribute!!!!!!!! Amazingly perfect.....Amen.

Lisa Hartsfield
Arlington, TX

Lacey said...

More than tears...that was beautiful! Praying for ya'll until you hold your sweet Eliot again!

Lacey in AL

Anonymous said...

Matt and Ginny,
That was beautiful!! Matt, you are so talented with words. You are still in my thoughts and prayers. I received an eliot necklace for Christmas, and each time I put it on I say a prayer for you.
Emily Martin Bradley

Anonymous said...

The testimony you continue to have through your pain is amazing. Thank you for sharing your heart through it all.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful, most touching thing I have read!

Christina Graffeo Powell

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - just like Eliot. God bless you and your family!

Peach said...

Matt, God has gifted you beyond measure with words that penetrate the hearts of your readers. This touching and heart-rending tribute to your precious Eliot pierced my heart and very nearly brought me to tears.

Thank you for sharing your heart and all its facets, forever directing us all back to the heart of the Father.

Karen said...

Ah. Just such a beautiful picture of your heart! Thank you for sharing your joy and pain with strangers. You are a testimony to the Lord. Blessings on your dear family.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, just like your angel.
Debi in N.J.

Mayhem & Miracles said...

GORGEOUS. Thank you. And I continue to pray for you often.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Beautiful!

Stephen said...

Words don't describe how true that is the anthem of you guys lives and we are forever grateful for the opportunity to share in the blessing with you. What beautiful words and reminder of His grace.


Glo said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem about Eliot. I have frequented your blog from the very beginning and your family never ceases to amaze me.

ERIN FROM NY said...

Wow matt, that is beautiful....you have some talent with words. I have been thinking about you and your wife often, i know i havent commented in a while but dont think that you havent been in my thoughs and prayers every single day....Stay stong and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem--helps to keep the lessons from Eliot fresh.

Anonymous said...

chill bumps and tears!
that was perfect.
thank you for letting us hear that!

Anonymous said...

I continue to visit you all now & again. Your words express so much - I hope you & Ginny continue to hold on tight to eachother. Through such challenge I wonder how the two of you remained so strong for eachother? Just keep on, the 2 of you are amazing.

Kim said...

Beautiful words!

Praying for you.


Rob said...

tears, brother. it brought tears.

Jodi said...

Your faith is amazing. Your love is amazing. Your words are amazing. God Bless you.

Heaven Sent said...

Beautiful words that leave me speechless...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to your precious son and to our glorious and gracious Heavenly Father.

Josh said...


Anonymous said...

Eliot's life not only pointed me to the Father during his lifetime but will continue to for the rest of my lifetime. When those times get quieter and fewer posts are made, don't think he has been forgotten. He has not been forgotten nor have the lessons his life taught.

amy teague

Karen F. said...

Thank you for writing that.
Thank you for sharing it.
Eliot pointed many of us to our Father . . . the lessons learned from Eliot's life are beautiful treasures.
Thank you,
Karen F. @ www.firstbrookfive.typepad.com

LCRsMom said...

Wow. I am always touched by your strength Matt, and Ginny's.

You had mentioned you wanted to do something meaningful in memory of Eliot. I might have an idea. Would you email me? SMKLCR@hotmail.com

Take Care,

Meghan said...

Thank you so much for sharing with us. I just stumbled across your blog tonight... my son Ricky died at 13 months on October 27th, 2005.

I remember receiving so many postings on our website that carried me... they still do... and now after reading yours, I'm realizing what a blessing it is to be on the other side of things... to feel God using a small child to teach me that life is meant to be led by Him alone - and that He has control over ALL things.

Thanks for sharing your pain... it is all too familiar to me. If there is one thing that will get you through just tomorrow, it is telling others about Eliot and the testimony he continues to be...

Meghan www.littlemanricky.com

Anonymous said...

Dear Matt and Ginny,
From some nurses in the special care unit in Children's Hospital in Alabama....Thank you! Thank you for the way you have loved your son in life and in death. For reminding us that every life is truly a gift from God and should be treated so. Thank you for encouraging us through your story as we love on our patients. Your story continues to touch us!

Rachel said...

Wow...what a beautiful poem as everyone else has said! Matt and Ginny, I still think and pray for you often. Thanks for continuing to share your struggles and how the Lord is so faithful.

Rachel Norris

Anonymous said...

that last line... Eliot has been a blessing!

Mrs.Olivia said...

Thank you for a beautiful message- Please know i continue to pray for you and Ginny -How blessed we are to have a glimpse of our father through this precious life and his special parents- Love and prayers, mrs. olivia

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! I have been so deeply touched by every word of your blog. You have such a deep and firm love for GOD that it just pours out of every word that you write. You are a beautiful family and have suffered such a loss. Eliot is a beautiful child and is now in the arms of THE FATHER. I will NEVER forget this precious child and the story that surrounds you all. You are touching so many lives. I only hope that you can feel the love that you are sending. You are AMAZING. GOD bless both of you and all of your loved ones. I will continue to read your blog because it is so encouraging. Always in my prayers and I am forwarding your blog address to everyone I know. What perspective!!!

theragan3 said...

what a beautiful memory of your son. Amen!