Tuesday, November 07, 2006



Anonymous said...

I’m glad that you will be making a necklace in memory of Eliot. I definately want one.

I pray for your family, and think about Eliot constantly. It is probably a new kind of quiet in your home. I only wish I had half the faith that you and your husband have shown. You have exemplified such grace, humility and class, among other admirable attributes.
Praying for you both,

Mayhem & Miracles said...

I was wondering if the necklace could include a description of it's purpose, if you feel up to that right now. My neice is currently hospitalized after a triple organ transplant and is so precariously wavering in and out of various stages of lowered health. I thought the necklace would be very meaningful to her mother and other parents on their floor. Whenever I pray for Ashley, I remember you both and pray for you, too. I lost a baby to miscarriage several years ago and I know the sweetest thought in such a turbulent season is the thought that our babies are safe and forever healthy in the very bosom of Jesus. I know you miss Eliot. I will be praying for you for a long time to come.

The Keeters said...

What a beautiful idea.... just a question in addition... is it possible that we order anything from your site and ask that the proceeds go to your fund??? -Hoping to help out in Texas, The Keeter's

Jennifer gilfoil said...

hope your trip was loads of fun! Can't wait to get a necklace! Will you have them at your show in LP? You all continue in my thoughts and prayers each day. Love Mrs Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Dear Ginny and Matt,
I am K.Wase's Mom. He and Sarah are currently with you and two other couples in Gulf Shores, AL. on a trip few of us can imagine. I have been blessed by keeping up to date through Kevin & Sarah and I have kept your family in my prayers as well as on a prayer chain. I am so thankful you and Ginny and Eliot are a part of my children's life and through Eliot's life a renewal of God's love, lessons, presence & purpose will forever by part of many, many lives. I know the Lord will continue to carry you through the days ahead.
I think the necklace in memory of Eliot is a beautiful idea. I know I will placing my order!

With admiration and prayers
Cindy Wasemiller