Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Quarter of A Year

Dad……….10,630 days
Mom…….....9,860 days
Eliot……………96 days!!!

A quarter of a year. That is how one friend described it, and we liked it. Eliot’s three month party was Friday, and what a party it was. Friends, pizza, kids everywhere…can you beat it? Ginny and I attempted to address the group, but we each welled up with tears about a sentence into it. However, I hope the message was clear. Thank you, friends, for making this journey less lonely.

Eliot got his first ever cordless pictures (no feeding tube, oxygen, or stickers). This was no small accomplishment. We had scheduled everything out to have them taken, but Eliot’s feeding tube split the day of the scheduled change. We had to call our great nurse to change the tube immediately. The tube is changed every three weeks, so we tried to be all right with the fact that the pictures were not going to happen. But we had been excited about them. Just as she was about to change the tube, our friend, Brooke, came in with camera in hand. As you can see the lil’ man is quite photogenic. Thanks Brooke. (

We continue to fight fear. We continue to hope. We continue to laugh and experience joy. We continue to savor each moment with our son.

Ginny’s 27th birthday is Friday. Her first as a mom. Thus, already the best one yet. Although the subject matter is different, I continue to recite the lessons drawn from a special boy.

I always thought that Ginny would be a great mother. The kind who wore a smile through the chaos that is raising children and, unintentionally, made other moms feel inadequate. Like seeing one reach their destiny. I always thought that she was strong, courageous, and able to weather whatever this world brought. That she would sharpen me and prop me up when I could not stand on my own. All the while, acting as if she was doing nothing special. I always thought that she was the clearest picture of Christ that God had given me this side of heaven. Needless to say, I thought a lot of her- and now I know. Thanks Eliot.

"Two are better than one... If one falls down, his friend can help him up." (Ecclesiastes 4:9&10)


Leslie Moore said...

Hi, Ginny,

I am Leslie Moore. My maiden name was Cooley. My brother, Norris, and I grew-up in Lake Providence and went to Briarfield. Norris graduated with Glenna and I graduated one year before Tommy.

Thank you for sharing the updates and the photos of your sweet family. It is a joy to see the pictures of Eliot's chubby cheeks, sweet little toes and former mullet hair-do! It is a joy to read about how he is growing and changing! It is a joy to see how you and Matt delight in your baby boy! It is a blessing to read your thoughts and to know that God is the center of your precious family.

You, Matt and Eliot are in my prayers.


Leslie (Numbers 6:24-26)

Mrs.Olivia said...

Good morning Mooney family! I'm so glad that everything cooperated for your birthday celebration in the park. Your pictures are precious- those pretty blue eyes look like your Nona's and Mr.John's. Matt, you are right- Ginny has always had a sweet and nuturing spirit.You are blessed to have each other as your life partner. Please know that I continue to pray for strength and peace and God's awesome power to continue to lift you up. Ginny, I bet Matt is planning a special time for his special girl's birthday.Have agreat day! Give that precious Eliot a hug.Love and prayers, Mrs.Olivia

Anonymous said...

Hi, Matt, Ginny and Eliot,

I am a friend of Shawn and Amber Jackson. Just a note to tell you thanks so much for sharing your precious Eliot with us. We will continue praying for healing for him and strength and rest for you.

Niki Brenton (in Bryant, AR)

amy said...

Hello Mooneys,

Loved, Loved, Loved Brooke's pictures. So glad she had her running shoes on that day. Every time I see Eliot's pics, I am amazed at how he has grown! I am so glad that God has provided yet another person to help you capture your special moments. Matt, we knew those things about Ginny long before you did and I am so thankful that your son was able to confirm them to you. She is quite a WOMAN and she landed quite a wonderful young man. I tell Ben and Hallie all the time that I want them to look for a "Ginny" and a "Matt". Even if they never find one, I will know that you guys set wonderful examples for them to follow. Thanking God today for Eliot and his continued life. Thanking God today for both of you being willing to love him completely as only his parents could do. Thanking God for being everpresent for both of you as you discover each new day with Eliot. Love you all tons!

Aunt Amy

JenMom said...

What beautiful tribute to your wife. I am so glad God blessed you with each other!!! (and Eliot of course)

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Well, if this post doesn't make a mom tear up, nothing will. Hooray for Eliot, and what a blessing you must be to your wife, Matt. It seems like you three are equally blessed to have each other. Thanks for being such a testimony!

Anonymous said...

My daughter was in the NICU (at ACH) almost 4 yrs. ago. The emotions that take place there are undescribable unless you've been there. The faith that pours out of this site is so amazing and it is that kind of faith that gets you thru every single day, every single breath. I spent a lot of time in the "pumping room for moms" crying out to God, always when I left there I had a peace. I've added little Eliot to our church prayer list and will continue to pray for you family. from (Huntsville, Ar. )

Anonymous said...

Ginny and Matt - Happy Birthday Ginny; and Eliot. I am thinking of you and the fact that you are turning 27. Lets see...that makes me ....30 again! We are off to Big Creek this weekend. I understand that the weather will be good and the leaves beautiful. I wish you, Matt and Eliot could join us. Know that you will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Love DAD

Monica said...

What awesome testimony to your wife! She must feel just as fortunate. How great is God to know just who we need in our lives!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ginny!
I hope you have such a wonderful day - I know each day is so precious but let the lovely men in your life spoil you today.
Sarah Fautheree

Steve and Ashley said...

Dear ones-

Our hearts are with you, and we rejoice--- not only in God's sovereignty, but in your willingness to trust Him.