Wednesday, October 11, 2006



Lisa said...

There is nothing like a baby nestled up in the fold of you neck =) Soak it up!!!!

FAITHFULNESS - "Let faithfulness never leave my children, but bind this virtue around their necks." Proverbs 3:3

I am sure by now the tiredness has certainly set in! I am praying for you, Matt and Ginny, this week for strength and ultimate peace! You are amazing parents to your special gift from God. Never doubt that! I will pray that Eliot be able to enjoy every minute of every day with continment and peace =)

Still praying in Arlington, TX

Lisa Hartsfield

Kelley said...

Dear Eliot,
What a wonderful family God chose for you and what a blessing you have been to all of us! Has anyone told you that you look like your Grandpa Ron? My children never let me forget to pray for you on our way to school. Thanks for reminding me how special each day is. We love you,
Kelley, Thomas, Morgan, Laura, and Mason Montgomery

Judie Ledbetter said...

Oh, how prescious this picture is! There is nothing like snuggling with a baby, something I have never forgotten, the feel and smell is so soothing and comforting. It seems to erase everything around. Our little fellow is filling out. I pray the peace of God will quiet your minds and rest your hearts. Enjoy the beautiful Fall days this week. Love and hold your prescious Eliot and give him a kiss for me. I am hopeful to see you next weekend when I visit Sandra.

Anonymous said...

I love your son! I've never met him and my heart is so full of wonder at God's creation. Thank you for sharing him so much.

Please, please, please consider giving us specific prayer requests that we can pray for you over the week. I feel so much for Eliot and you as parents but don't know what to bring before His Holy Throne. (Even if the request is something like you need more than 3 hours of sleep or something.)

Please let us serve you in that way! Let us petition the Lord for specific things that you need.

Meplusfour said...


You are yummy!!!

Prayers and hugs to you and yours.

Sean and Heather said...

I am friend of the Mitchells. I found your blog and Claire`s blog through theirs. I am praying for your family! I have to say that Eliot was cheering for the right team in Roll Tide outfit! I pray that the Lord blesses your family in a very special way!

Heather Hughes
Hab 3:19

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Matt & Ginny, thank you for continuing to share parts of Eliot's journey--and yours--with us, people you don't know.

There's so much I want to say but don't have the words. I continue to pray for your family; your faith and honesty is a treasure.

Kim said...

What a blessing Eliot is! Thank you for sharing your heart,your beautiful pictures,and Eliot's life with us! You have encouraged us! We know God will sustain you,His goodness has brought you to where you are today! We thank God for your testimony and your trusting in Him for these events of your life. It is an example to all of us!


Anonymous said...

Random blogger here, I just want to say how encouraging it is to see such a loving family! Eliot is precious!!!

The Bergers said...

He is sooo precious!!! We are praying for him all the way in New Hampshire! Thank you for sharing your story...story of God's faithfulness, his overwhelming blessings and his abundant love!

The Bergers

Anonymous said...

Eliot, Matt, & Ginny,
I miss seeing all of you ... I can't believe how much Eliot has grown just in the last several weeks! Josh & I wish we could see you more often, but are blessed and happy to see the pics. We're looking forward to this Sunday, though, yes? God bless you & keep you.

Stef Lawson

Anonymous said...

We are praying for Eliot daily! I have an eight week old and we are truly blessed by Eliot and Claire. Thank you for sharing your story.