Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Almost Three Months!

This week brought more wonderful memories with Eliot. He rooted on the Hogs at the homecoming parade, and went shopping with mom on Dickson Street. Best of all, we all got to go to a NICU reunion.

I have never seen my wife more happy. I cannot portray the joy that I received from seeing her glow as she showed off her son. She wrote about it for something else, but I think her words paint the perfect picture. So, possibly against her wishes, I am stealing them to share with you...
"Stickhorses and Surprises"

Saturday was one of the greatest days I have ever experienced. Eliot was 86 days old & Matt and I took him to the NICU reunion. It was a "roundup", so we got to see the ever-so-serious neonatologists and sweet nurses from our 12 days in the hospital riding stickhorses. Not only did we get to see them riding stickhorses and dressed in their cowboy attire...we got to see the look on their faces when they saw that Eliot was there. I'll never forget those looks as long as I live. They were so surprised.

The logic of medicine says he should not still be alive, but he is. He's strong and sweet and such a fighter and I felt that day the way I would assume a mother would feel if her son became president or won the heisman or developed a cure for cancer. If you would have asked me in those days in the NICU if we would be coming to the reunion on day 86, I would not have had an answer. All I had and all I have still is a mustard seed. My faith is not big, it is small ...sometimes it feels smaller than a mustard seed even. But I am generally sure of what I hope for and sort of certain of what I do not see. God has taken that tiny glimpse of faith and done in Eliot what, really, He does in us all: moved the mountain of death and given life.

We hope to celebrate October 20th, Eliot's 3 month birthday, with a party in the park. As with all facets of life these days, the occasion is dependent on how Eliot's day is going. We have been requested to provide specific prayer requests. This, we are more than happy to do. Thanks for all the prayers and please continue to bring us all before the Father.

***Please continue to pray for life and healing for Eliot. We believe this prayer has already been answered many times, and ask for more of the same.
***Please pray for Ginny and I. It is tough to specify what exactly to pray for. We reside, right now, in such a strange land. Each time Eliot struggles or experiences an episode, we prepare to say goodbye and wonder if this is it. We are happy to live in this land, because here is where our son is, but it is unusual territory. Pray that we would have peace, trust, rest, courage. Pray that the Lord would continue to be close to us. Pray that we would be able to live our lives without fear. Pray that we could sleep when we lay down. Pray that we would be faithful to tell Eliot's story because it is a story of life and hope, and one many need to hear. Pray that joy would continue to overwhelm us at moments we did not see coming. The Word tells us that when words fail us in prayer, the spirit communicates those prayers for us...these are the prayers we, all three, need.

Thanks once again to all who have prayed. We still love posts and draw much encouragement from them.


Anonymous said...

Matt and Ginny,

I'm weeping...again. Your sweet family is the very first thing I think about on Wednesday mornings and I can hardly wait to get to the computer just to find out how your week has gone. Each and every time, I have found myself in tears of joy and praise for all that God is doing in you and through you. Your faith may seem small to you, but when reflected through God's love to the rest of us, it's HUGE! You are all three such an amazing testimony of God's love, provision and peace. You are teaching me to seek God's miracles in unexpected places. Your lives are a sermon that there IS joy in the journey. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, for taking us along for the ride! We will keep praying!

Erin Anderson
Dallas, Texas

Rachel Norris said...

I too am in tears as I read about your joys, but also your struggles with the unknown. I know how proud you must have felt when you showed Eliot off (or should we say showed off that the Lord is still in the miracle working business)! Thanks again for sharing your life with us. God is doing an amazing work in all of you and even though we can't totally understand what you are going through, it is really great to read and watch what is going on all the way from Georgia. Always praying!

Monica said...

I'm typing with blurry vision as well. Your blog is so honest and I thank you for that. Nobody has any idea what a day in ya'lls life is like, but we can lift each one of you up in prayer as we have been doing. Have a blessed week. I pray the weather is beautiful for the 3 month CELEBRATION.

Monica McKenzie Tolson

Mrs. Olivia said...

Good morning precious Mooney Family! The pictures are awesome....The look of joy on Ginny's face, the family outing and YEE-HAW!!!the roundup. Your faith is NOT small. It has opened my eyes to a glimpse of HIS promise in ways I've been unprepared for.As I have been privileged to share your journey from a distance, the word that most often comes to me is humbled. That's how I have felt witnessing His power, your faith, Eliot's life, and looking at my many blessings that I've so often taken for granted. I know that Eliot's birthday will be great. He is a CELEBRATION! Continuing to pray for His amazing grace to give you strength and peace. Love and hugs to all, Mrs. Olivia

On Our Way said...

Blessings and prayers to all three of you! He is adorable and your two as well. Glad the reunion was a happy time. Looking forward to next week's post - the birthday!

Kim said...

Still praying for you all! I know God,in His goodness,is sustaining you.


cassie condrey said...

Precious pictures and words. Happy Almost Three Months, Eliot! Thinking of you all often,
Cassie Condrey

Anonymous said...

your sweet family is in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Matt and Ginny,
How awesome! You do have a little hero Ginny. He has impacted our lives more than ever. Your story brought me to tears. I am once again amazed at the wonderful testimony of God's presence in your lives. Eliot looks so sweet in his "roundup" gear. He is filling out so much too! I love it! We love you guys. We are praying for you. Eliot, we love you!
Jeff, Christina, Chloe and Jaxon Cazzell

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt and Ginny-

I can't wait to read about how Eliot is doing every Wednesday. I even checked last night once. I have shared his stories and pictures with other therapist here at Easter Seals. Thank you for letting us all share in his life. I will continue to pray for you.

Happy 3 months Eliot!!!

Katie Pennington

Lisa said...

Still praying for you three and thinking about you so often throughout my days. You all are sharing a great testimony. Thank you for sharing. Praying for you LOTS.
The Lowery's
South Carolina

melissa said...

Hey Matt and Ginny,
I was behind this week, so I read several weeks' posts. I said this the first time I posted that I never really thought I would be able to get into this whole blog site thing, and every time I read one of your posts I thank God for sending me to the site in the first place and letting me be a part of this. I feel so blessed just to get to know what is going on and just that God would let me pray for you - to participate in His miracle. I too sometimes struggle with believing what I say about the Lord (when I lead a Bible study or in small group) - things I know to be true, but struggle with. I have a copy of a page from a devotional book that I keep in the front of my Bible. The title of the devotional is "Dead Ducks Don't Struggle." I wish I could post the whole thing here, but the title says a lot on its own. I think I will cry if I go on to explain more now . . . I prayed for all three of you tonight.

Fayetteville Law School
(Currently visiting at UALR)

Joe and Kelli said...

Matt and Gennie,
I read your blog weekly, but rarely have words to say after reading. I want to thank you for your honesty, and willingness to share your life with others. I look forward to your posts every Wednesday. Your son is beautiful and what the Lord is teaching you (and indirectly all of us) is truly amazing!
Know that you are loved and prayed for. May God continue to hold you close as you are on this journey.
Kelli (Canatsey) Wilmot

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm crying as well. What incredible words you two have used to describe the absolutely unbelievable life of Eliot through the work of our God. I can't wait to see you at the party...Wes and I will be there as soon as he gets in from a business trip early Friday evening! Ginny, I think you could start a clothing business to go along with the jewelry! By the way, I wore my birthday necklace yesterday to school and received so many compliments as always! Wes and I have missed you both so much, and we are looking forward to catching up! We are praying for you all.
Eliot, you are a stud! The cowboy get-up looks great on you!
Kate and Wes

Amanda Murdock said...

Hi guys, this verse meant so much to me the other day because of the reminder of the nearness of our God, a nearness I so easily forget and so completely dont understand. I guess the nearness could be likened to all those cheesy cliches... ocean to the shore, mother to her child, hand to the arm (heehee, I made that one up :) ) Anyways, I thought you might appreciate it too!
"What other nation is so great as to have their gods near them the way the Lord our God is near us whenever we pray to him?" Deut. 4:7
love you guys!! praying for you and for sweet baby eliot!

Stephanie said...

I too am humbled and encouraged by the post. I anxiously read each week all the adventures of precious Eliot and I am SO thankful the world continues to see God's miracle live and breathe. You all are amazing and I know God is so pleased with you both. Thank you again for being so transparent. We are praying for you all daily. Thanks for letting us know how to specifically do just that...
Celebrating Him,
Stephanie Qualls

Anonymous said...

Matt & Ginny, I just spent some time praying for you guys. I believe you are faithful in telling your story. It's already impacted so many people i know up here in Chicago. Keep telling it!

Anonymous said...

I am so deeply touched and emotionally affected by your words this week. Eliot's life and your testimony have been such a blessing to me. I am overcome with joy to read each week of God's amazing power and the trust he must have in you to care for his precious child. Your family hardly leaves my mind and we are earnestly praying for you.

Jennifer (Kimbrow) Harrell and family

Anonymous said...

Matt and Ginny,

Seven years ago our son Ben was born with T-18. He lived less than an hour. My sister-in-law pointed me to your blog. It has been such a joy to read of your journey and especially to see the photos as Eliot grows. What a precious boy he is, and how blessed he is to be born into a family of faith.

"Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you." 2 Thess. 2:16

Willow Park, TX

Anonymous said...

Today is October are on my heart today. I hope today is a good day for Eliot and his mom and dad. I hope you are resting and joyFULL and peaceful. I am praying for you...