Thursday, October 19, 2006

Oh Yeah.

I forgot to note that Eliot's adorable, cowboy outfit was made by his mother. If she decides to forego jewelry, I think you'll agree that she could make it as a costume designer. What a woman.


Peach said...

Wow!! Ginny, you're incredible! Sure wish I had that talent -- fall harvest parties are right around the corner and I need three costumes -- Ack!!

You did a great job.

Emily Bradley said...

I agree Matt, What a Woman!!! Ginny, you are absoloutely amazing. I check the blog each week and marvel at all of your many talents. We continue to be touched by Eliot's precious life, and please know that my family lifts the three of you up in prayer daily. Each of you are an amazing testimony of complete faith.
Emily (Martin) Bradley

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

Glad to see that Eliot has a wee bit of Texan in him. We think of you each day and continue with prayer. You both continue to amaze and inspire us. Hugs to all,


The Walkie Talkie said...

Can anyone say Prov. 31 woman???
BTW...I just walkie talkied a recent Walker event, i.e. something that happened this morning. I promise the reunion recap is coming Ginny. Love you guys and am praying for y'all!
Most importantly- HAPPY 3 months Eliot!

Lisa said...


I was just saying a prayer for you and realized that today is your 3 month birthday!!!! I hope today finds you feeling well, able to enjoy a few things through the day!!

Lisa Hartsfield
Arlington, TX

Anonymous said...

Eliot has been a true testament of faith. I love all of the pictures! Just wanted you to know that you guys are still getting prayers from Mobile, Al. Claire celebrates her 3 week birthday tommorrow!! It amazes me how these children continue to touch so many lives.
Jacquelyn from Al