Sunday, October 12, 2008

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We are currently blogging at a new place.

If you are wanting to read about our son Eliot's life, you are at the right place.

We still get the comments & still can be reached at

Matt & Ginny Mooney


Robyn said...

I just found Eliot's blog after seeing Eliot's video that a friend had forwarded to me on Facebook. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous little boy, and the testimony of his life.

Erica said...

Hello, my name is Erica and we have spoken before. I am also from Fayetteville and my son was born on July 20th, 2004 with Trisomy 18. He lived for just 41 days. I heard that you were on Oprah and I was trying to find out where I could watch that feed? Do you know?
Hope all is well,


joefitz said...
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Victor said...

Thank you for sharing your story. My daughter, Stephanie, was born on February 15, 2008 with Trisomy 18 and lived 29 days. She died at a hospice, a place I call "Heaven in the backyard or San Leandro, CA ( Please check this website to find out what a great place this is.

Thank you.

Esteves said...

I would just like to congradulate you on your up comming child. I hope all is well and wish you all the happiness in the world. I'm writing you from Edmonton, Canada. From the Esteves Family

Daniel & Sybil said...

Dear Mooney Family,
My wife suggested that I "google" the "99 balloons" video after she had seen you on Oprah a couple of days ago.
Well, I've just seen it and thought it was wonderful and heartfelt. I can imagine it was tremendously difficult for you to do the segment Matt.

He had a purpose while he was here, for sure. We can not wait to see him in the kingdom.

God's blessings and security from our family.

Daniel and Sybil

carissa said...

Hi, my name is Carissa Boudro I am 20 years old and from Vermont. I am 35 weeks along with our first child and we found out that our little girl has trisomy 18 at 25 weeks. Your little boy has given me hope that ours might be able to beat the odds too. They didn't expect for me to make it as long as I have and for her to still be alive. Thank you so much for sharing your story with the world, it has given us hope.


Alex said...

Hey i dont know if youll ever read this by my name is alex and im 16 i was watchin oprah the other day and i say you on oprah i wanted to say that you as parents inspire me to one day be a parent like you eliots story really inspired me that im going to do a project for school on trisomy 18. I think everyone should know eliots story. watchng that video of eliots story has changed my life it really touched me i hope all goes well with ur new daughter


Rachel said...

You have taught me so much. Thank you for sharing your story.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was just wondering if you have a spare moment to give words of advice or love to my friend.

She just found out that the angel she is caring inside her has Trisomy 18.

Here is her blog;

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Melissa Aultman and I am from Greensboro, Alabama. My daughter Madison Gabrielle, we call her Gabby, she is my angel sent from heaven, she was born Apeil 17, 2008 and she just turned 7 months old. My daughter is Trisomy 18. My everyday is her. I tubed feed her, and we are working with Early Intervention for her to take the Haberman Feeder, she has a high palate. She is also on O2 24/7 but she does not complain. She is the happiest baby. She weighs 7lbs 10 oz, 21 in long. When the doctors tell you to take your baby home because she wont live very long, remember it is only science and only God is in control. He gave me this miracle to take care of one day at a time. I see Eliot and I see Gabby in him. I know one day she will go home but for now I will shout to heavens for her blessing of being here.

Cassie said...

I saw Eliot's video on Oprah and it touched my heart! I would like to send a gift to you when your new baby arrives, but I need to know if you had a boy, or a girl, the name, and an address where I can send the gift.

Thank you,

Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

I shed tears tonight.....I stare at his photos and miss him for you tonight.

God Bless.

I have to see his little face from time to time... I love him with out ever meeting him.

katrina ann said...

I just got the chance to watch the video 99 balloons last week in I spend most of my rest days in the computer watching some clips in the internet. And in an amazing chance, I came across the link to watch the video. As soon as the video was starting, my tears fell down.

I love to see how people experience the presence of God and in turn help other people have a view of it. Although, we all have our experiences with God... others are too pre-occupied of looking at the bad instead of the good (which i am oftentimes guilty).

This video made a difference not only for me but I am definitely sure for those who watched or will be watching the video. It would be a cycle and a legacy made by God thu your son, Eliot and also thru the chosen parents of this wonderful child.

I have also posted the video in my site and also shared the link to your blog. I am also getting some excerpts in your blog to post in my site just to share some words of wisdom. I hope that would be okay.

Thank you. Happy New Year. God Bless.

From Manila,
Katrina Ann

Anonymous said...

A few days I came across your story on Oprah's website, and I wanted to thank you for sharing your experience with your beautiful son, Eliot.

I just had my first child, a boy, on October 5th, and I have been diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety. Every day I had a paralyzing fear that something bad will happen to my son. I had panic attacks, cried frequently, and could not sleep or eat.

I fell in love with Eliot when I read your story and saw his pictures--my husband couldn't get enough of him either--he is just so precious and perfect. I keep going back to Eliot's website because I miss looking at his little face. But I also cried hard each time I looked at him and read your posts. I cried for Eliot, and for you and your family--I also cried because I was so afraid someday I would lose my son. You see, I struggle with my faith--I would say that before I had my son, I didn't even really believe in God.

But your story has changed me. You asked that we should act on whatever Eliot has stirred in us, well, your son's life has stirred faith in me and your words have inspired me to live in the moment. I still struggle each day with my fears, but my husband and I have made the New Year's resolution to love our son and each other hard each day-- to not sweat the small stuff, to enjoy every experience with our son--even when we are exhausted and frustrated. And we also have started to go to church. After I held my son for the first time, I felt something awaken in me--I wasn't so cynical about religion. But it took the love and hope and joy found in Eliot's story, photos, and your words to really help realize that I was missing something in my life.

Eliot was very lucky to have parents like you and Ginny. Thank you for sharing Eliot--what a gift you have given the world.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the video 99 balloons at the Worship House web site and bought it for use in our church. I was deeply moved by the tender and precious story of Elliot’s journey, your love and commitment to him and the Lord. Tears were flowing and it helped put some recent hurts in perspective. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and by the end I know I have surrendered it all back to him. I can only imagine this video having the same effects on those who will view it. Thank you for sharing. May the Lord surround you with His grace and strength as you go through these days of healing. May all those special memories be sanctified (set apart) for your blessing in the hard days ahead. Lastly, may I commend to you the wondrous grace of Jesus Christ, and the matchless love of God the Father, and the present ministry of the Holy Spirit. Who is here today to walk with you and grant you strength and comfort into all of your unknown tomorrows.

In tender love and prayer, Pastor Bob

jesikakearney said...

hello my name is jessica and i live in australia, you and your family are an inspiration!!! you have given me the inspiration to continue my path and journey that god has set out for me. also congrats on ur new daughter, a beautiful sister for eliot. i would love to keep in contact with you! thankyou for showing the world what an amazing boy eliot was and will always be in our hearts

Yolande said...

Hello, my name is Yolande and i live in the Netherlands. I saw yesterday the Oprah Winfrey show about Eliot your son. I was crying during the video. What a beautiful videoblog about your son. I am happy for you that you had him with you for 99 days and that you got to know your son. Your words to enjoy every day and that the tears come later spoke to me! I admire your strenght! I saw on tv that you were pregnant and i saw on internet that yoy have a beautiful babygirl! I am so happy for you!
I wish you all the best in the world! (Im sorry if i make language misstakes)

Adrian_nyu said...
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Adrian_nyu said...

Hi, I miss spelled your son's name on the first post. I think that how you celebrated Baby Eliot's Life in the vid is amazing. And congrats on the recent addition to ur family. I blogged about the 99 Baloons Vid. Thanks.

Haley said...

hey, my name is Haley, i just wanted to say this is truly the saddest story i have ever herd. i am so glad i seen your 99 balloons video. it is a very touching story! i am very sorry about your loss and i hope all is well.

much love,

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt and Ginny,
I saw you on Oprah today (june 17 2009) could have been a re run, but i am so encouraged by your life, your faith in Christ and the way that God is glorifying himself through your little Eliot. May God bless you as you seek Him.
sheri in georgia

Matthew Tourtellott Photography said...

Dear Matt and Ginny,

I felt compelled to write to you after seeing you on Oprah.

I loved what you did for your son, Eliot while he was with you. I am saddened by the news that Eliot has passed away. I feel your pain. I am very sorry for your loss.

Our son, Michael also passed away due to Trisomy 18. My wife and I did not even get to meet him as you got to meet Eliot. Our son died just before his due date, so unfortunately, he was still born. I am thankful that you had 99 days with Eliot.

At first, I was very angry with God for taking Michael and not giving us the chance to meet him. But my anger subsided with the thought that Michael is with the Lord, and that God is in control and knows best.

I wish you both the best of luck with your new baby and may God bless you both.

Matt Tourtellott
Lake Park, GA. USA

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story!A true celebration of life.Every life touches so many people. I have dear friends that had a son with trisomoy 13.He lived 18 years. Please watch his video it is moving like yours!!

Alex Eckert said...

your video on tangle really touched my heart and I want to thank you for sharing your gorgeous little boy, and the testimony of his amazing life.

Alex Eckert said...

if you would like to contact me just let me know

Jacey said...

I just watched your video '99 Balloons' on youtube, and was very moved by it. I have a friend who's son was born with the same condition, and while he only lived to 28 days, every day was a miracle.
Thank you for sharing your story, and Eliots life with us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt and Ginny,

Im all the way down in australia and your story has touched us here too. I have to healthy beautifull childred and couldnt possiably imagine what you went throught. You celbrate in such a way i dont know if i could have done. Thank you for showing me the stregthn in othersand the love in the world.



urbah said...

hey im crying so much right now!i saw ur video on oprah n i cant stop crying..u guys were blessed with a beautiful miracle boy..
May God bless u guys n i hope u meet eliot in heaven...

jdeal said...

Thank you so much for sharing your life with Eliot with everyone on youtube. That video touched my heart very deeply and I believe that it will continue to do so. Also, congratulations on your upcoming child. I wish your family all the best.

Nikki L., Philippines said...

I just dropped by after seeing Elliot's video from ignitermedia.. thank you for sharing your testimony and eliot's life.. it all points us back to God.
Your son's life truly made an impact to me an taught me what really matters in life.. I will never forget eliot.. :)
Nikki, Philippines

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Lauren said...

Hello! My name is Lauren and live in washington state. I just found out that our baby has Trisomy 18 with so many problems and doctors do not think the baby will live long at all. We did not know the sex because we did not want to know and now dealing with this and what to do next has made want to know. I am conflicted with what my husbands wants to do (end pregnancy) versus what i want to do. I am so glad that your baby boy lived and stayed with you all for that long. Any advice would help since you have dealt with having held him and took care of him andn know what it was like. I feel very blessed to have been pregnant with our first baby. I think you and your family is very brave for reaching out to others with your lovely story and sharing your feelings and thoughts! thank you!

prashant said...

Thank you for sharing your story.
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Anonymous said...

I have 2 beautiful healthy children and until today I can honestly say that I have taken this gift of motherhood for granted at times. Eliots story has taught me patience and to proudly accept each day that God gives us as a true gift and blessing. I am forever changed. Thank you for that. (crying)
What a tremendous honor it has been to have seen your little angels story. Thank you sweet Eliot and abundant blessings to your family!

Andrea Bouchard said...

Thank you for your story,
Individuals like yourselves make the hard work of nursing school worth while. Your story is so beautiful. I hope some day I will meet a family like yours.


paulo ivan said...

hi im paulo ivan iglesias

another story that touch my heart. even if he lived for just 99 days after watching the video you two made it was like watching a whole span of life of a normal boy because in each day you spend, you spend it with joy and happiness. for my opinion i think eliot would still be thanking you for making his 99 days worth living.

paulo ivan said...

hi im paulo ivan iglesias

another story that touch my heart. even if he lived for just 99 days after watching the video you two made it was like watching a whole span of life of a normal boy because in each day you spend, you spend it with joy and happiness. for my opinion i think eliot would still be thanking you for making his 99 days worth living.

paulo ivan said...

hi im paulo ivan iglesias

another story that touch my heart. even if he lived for just 99 days after watching the video you two made it was like watching a whole span of life of a normal boy because in each day you spend, you spend it with joy and happiness. for my opinion i think eliot would still be thanking you for making his 99 days worth living.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Eliot and making me love my kids even more today!

twilight jewellery said...

We can get a lot of inspiration with this post. This story really touches our heart. Our child is a great gift that's why we need to spend quality time with them.

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Chanel Sanchez said...

I saw your story on Oprah's Where are they now? That was the most touching story I've ever seen. God Bless you and your family.

Fred Patrick said...

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