Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dear Ginny,

Thanks so much for the overwhelming response to our request for feedback. It is so encouraging to hear what Eliot's story has meant.

Law school finals have hit, so the blog, and pretty much life, has been neglected.

The following is a letter I wrote for Ginny. Our anniversary is April 28th. She made me promise not to do anything for it & then went & surprised me with my dream computer. Therefore, the following was my gift to her.

Dear Ginny,

This Saturday marks 6 years of our marriage. Prior to this year, I was sure I knew you and more sure that I loved you.

As I think back upon our celebration of five years of marriage, there was so much excitement. We were expecting our first baby. Truly, our wildest imaginations could not contain a glimpse of the year about to come. Our questions centered more around was it a boy or a girl than on anything relating to health.

Although you insisted on not knowing if it was a boy or a girl, we did find out that our child was sick. “Trisomy 18” went from a couple of strange words, to your most studied topic. The forthcoming information was not good. Thus, we were forced into a new world where hurt came easy and any sentiment of control was completely gone.

It was at this moment that I was proved wrong. Because it was here, that I saw facets of you never before revealed. Reservoirs of courage were tapped within you that I never knew existed. And I watched in awe, as you fought to celebrate whatever you were given from the hand of God. Watching you encouraged me to take up arms and fight beside you.

He was a boy! And you were his mother. Yet again, I was proven wrong because seeing you mother Eliot, my definition of love changed. I never had been a witness to that which I saw. You loved him well.

Then, when he left, we, too were left- here, without him. And we struggled. The emotions, the heartache- we both just wanted him back. Despite wanting nothing more than to encourage each other, we were left often doing just the opposite. And you fought.

Thank you for being my wife. Thank you for being the clearest picture of Christ on this side of eternity.

On our fifth anniversary, I wrote you a song. Despite the fact that me doing something musical, is similar to Dick Cheney break dancing, I wrote something that I reiterate today:

...where this story goes from here, I wish I knew.
But I’ll smile & travel on if I’m with you.

This says it all. It’s better together.

Happy 6th anniversary.




Liza's Eyeview said...

Happy Anniversary to you two :)

" ...On our fifth anniversary, I wrote you a song. Despite the fact that me doing something musical, is similar to Dick Cheney break dancing"..

Now that quote cracked me up! I now have a mental picture of Dick Cheney breakdancin' because of you! - LOL!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...even the Dick Cheney reference

Dennis, Rose and our Clan said...

Oh Matt you haveme crying here! I started reading your story shortly after finding out we were pregnant. And when our baby died at 8 weeks. I was reminded that others have walked in must harder shoes. You and Ginny have helped me understand that though our baby will never be here I am never alone. Thank you for that.

Happy Anniversary!!

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Your story becomes more beautiful everytime you share a little more of it. Thank you :)

Gretchen said...

I was so blessed by Eliot's story. Now you bless again, just by being yourselves. God is so good in you both. Thank you for sharing.

Mama P said...

Beautiful post. Found you through Liza's Eyeview.

C. said...

I was today introduced to Eliot and your family through your blog. What struck me was that we were married on the day and are both traveling the road of grief after our sons went to heaven. Our son was born still in January 2004. His death has brought my in-laws closer to Christ and softened my dad's heart a little toward the church.

Thank you for sharing your journey so openly.

Pamela said...

Dear Ginny and Matt,

I do not know you but I feel like you are truly angels that everyone in this world needs to hear from. Your struggles and strength and the beautiful way you treasured your son's life is the biggest inspiration I have ever encountered in my own 26 years. You make me believe in true love and the amazing potential for beauty in togetherness, children, and marriage. As a teacher, I feel like each of my students should be treasured because they all could be little Eliots. The spirit that your family has sent out into this world is more powerful than any words of peace or hope that once hears coming from so many people who speak big but do not walk those big ideals.

Thank you for your inspiration, your story, your love. My heart has a spot just for you and Eliot and I hope it stays there as long as I can remember in my lifetime your amazing story.