Thursday, March 01, 2007

Here comes some info...

An approaching test and watching the basketball Hogs have set me back a bit. We want to share a few upcoming things that we are excited about.

→ We have partnered with some friends ( to do a short film about Eliot. It is not quite ready, but we will let you know when it is. We are excited about this opportunity to share the joy and wonder that God provided through our son. After all, we feel our only role is to tell his story. It will be around 5 minutes long and is created in a format that is typically used by churches. However, if anyone is interested, we’ll let you know how you could get a copy.

→ The blog can now be accessed at . The old address will still work, however, this should be a little easier to remember. The name corresponds with the name of the short film and stems from the 99 balloons that we released at Eliot’s funeral to commemorate each day of his life with us.

→ Lastly, we are excited to share some ideas of what has been percolating in our heads and hearts as of late. Having continuously stated that we are seeking what it is we want to point our hearts toward, we have come up with an idea.

I stress this at this point, it is only an idea, and we are working on research and fleshing out the logistics. With that said, we are looking into creating an organization that would work with special needs children. Having had the honor to take care of Eliot, we feel as though this is an area in which we could be passionate. We are looking to start locally by offering a night of care for families with special needs children, whereby, volunteers and professionals would look after the kids while the parents got a break.

We are only in the planning stages, and have a lot of work to do; however, if it’s the Lord’s will, we think it will come together, and if not, we’ll trust that as well. The long-term goal would be to serve as a resource for special needs ministries and non-profits. Feel free to say a prayer that we would know where to follow.

If you have any helpful information or are local and want more information, feel free to e-mail (

Well, kind of information overload, but we wanted to let you know.

Matt & Ginny Mooney


kristi farmer said...

LOVE IT!!! Thank you for having such a heart for this. It is definitely needed in this area. I will give Kate your e-mail address. She was excited and eager to help out in any way after talking to Ginny about it the other night. You guys are doing amazing things!!

FunkyMonkeyJunk said...

Matt, what a fabulous idea! I'm from the Dallas area and there is a church down here that has organized a similar ministry called Night Owls. Take a look at their site:

If nothing else, you might get a glimpse of what they do.

I think it's a a wonderful thing to use your experience to help other parents. I have no doubt that God will bless you through this!

Lisa said...

GREAT idea! I know how much families appreciate this service. Our church, First United Methodist in Arlington, does "First Fridays".

The first friday of each month, families sign up to work the child care along with one doctor and two nurses. Parents can bring their special children along with any siblings for a truely needed break. Space is limited and they sign up in advance. It is not just for church members and let me tell you, the response has been overwhelming!!!!

Good luck to you! Still praying in Arlington.

Lisa Hartsfield
Arlington, TX

Anonymous said...

Matt and Ginny, you are truly amazing. I pray each day for you, and pray (and hope)I can be a bit more like you. I have not suffered nearly as great a loss as you have, but I too know the pain of losing a child that you have wanted so badly. Your blog has helped me to heal and helped me to trust in our God-thank you so much for that.
What the two of you have done and will continue to do is so amazing! I respect and admire you greatly. Keeping you in my prayers-
Kathleen Condrey

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful way to honor your son's memory.

The Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center might give you some ideas.

Renee said...

I think it is a great idea! Since both my husband and I have degrees in the meadical realm, we definitely know there is a need for this!

Sweet blessings!

Anonymous said...

Ginny,when Sara was at LSU majoring in Special Education she worked as a paid volunteer in a program called Respite Care. It had many more people involved than the similar program that she found in Houston. I don't know the status of these programs now, but you might be able to get some information from or about them. I think that there are funds (federal? state?) available to help pay for this. I remember her joy and involvement with the parents and the little ones. I am thrilled to know that you are interested in this too!! Carole Terral

Mrs. Olivia said...

matt and ginny, I am confident that with your open and willing spirits, the lord will lead you to the venue He feels will best serve. And as you have so willingly reported, what He chooses may be quite a surprise to us all. Keep loving, growing and moving forward in the direction He leads you. Love and prayers, Mrs. Olivia

The Mitchells said...

I wanted to echo Andy's words and tell you that it's a HUGE need. We have a daughter diagnosed with Cerbral Palsy and Night Owls is a huge blessing so I would love to see more programs open up like this.

annonomys said...

I just wanted to say I admire you two tremendously for giving baby Eliot a chance at life and to enjoy 99 days on this earth with you.

A friend of mine and her husband are expecting a baby boy they have found out has Trisomy 18. There is a very good chance he may not make it to this world. A couple doctors they conferred with gave the option of terminating the pregnancy. They won't do it. They are leaving it in God's hands just as you did. Regardless of how time the little guy gets, they are doing the right thing.

I saw you video and cried all they way through. But you got enjoy 99 precious days with him because you made the right choice at giving him life. One day you will reunited with him in Heaven.

People like you give me hope because you are proof there are still a lot of good, decent God fearing people do live in this world.

God Bless you both and God Bless baby Eliot.