Thursday, March 22, 2007

Headed to our Walden

Well, this week is my spring break. It’s not too bad to be approaching 30 years of age and still get a spring break. With that said, I am taking full advantage. Ginny and I have enjoyed the week of just hanging out- watching basketball and movies, going to some favorite lunch spots, etc.

We are packing up the car right now (well, Ginny is at least) to go a cabin that Ginny’s family owns a few hours drive east of Fayetteville. It is quite rustic- no electricity, no people, no worries. It’s not too Grizzly Adams, most amenities run off of gas, but you get the idea. We’re taking the mutt and hoping he doesn’t toss his kibble on the curvy roads. Should be a great time. Spring is upon us and its signs are everywhere.

With my lack of outdoor savvy, I am sure there will be some great stories. You all may want to say a prayer for Ginny.

We continue to be so thankful to all of those who have surrounded us with encouragement. Whether via the internet or in person, someone we have never met or an old friend- we are amazed by the goodness of others to us. Having been submersed in a culture of the hurting, we hear many horror stories of people who feel abandoned or outcast because of their grief. We rejoice that many around us have gone to great lengths to encourage us in any way possible. We never tire of saying thanks.

We were able to tour the Children’s Therapy TEAM facility in Fayetteville this week. We’re continuing to build relationships and gain knowledge to serve special needs families. Feel free to pray for that endeavor.

Well it’s a little short this week, but the cabin is calling.

We must need a break because we’re heading to a place without a TV in the middle of March Madness.


Katy said...

I pray that your trip is restful, filled with great adventure and restoring!

You continue to be in my prayers!

FunkyMonkeyJunk said...

Matt & Ginny,

I hope that you have a wonderfully relaxing trip. It's always in the rustic peace of nature that I find myself close to my Father. I get grounded going home.


LCRsMom said...

Hi Matt & Ginny,

I think about you both a lot. I hope your trip goes well. I can't wait for the day that I can meet you both, and you can meet Lily!

Love & God Bless!

Carey said...

Enjoy your trip. I pray for you both to have a joyful time.

melody said...

This is my first visit to your blog. I read a lot. Thank you for sharing Eliot.

Blessings to you.