Wednesday, September 27, 2006

With the Lord a day is like a thousand years (II Pet. 3:8)


Meredith Davis said...

Look at those chubby cheeks! How cute! He is really growing. I am glad to hear the nose cleared up and he is having an easier time with his tummy. He is such an inspiration and a wonderful miracle. Miss you all!

P.S. Any more full-body sneeze flinches?

Jenny Beth Walker said...

I love, love, love the slide show. I have watched it mezmorized because as I watch the pictures scroll by I know I am watching a miracle unfold (and grow so big) before my eyes! You are obviously perfecting your blogging skills! Thanks for the visual reminder of what all God has done and is continuing to do! Love, JB

one smarmy mama said...

oh this is the sweetest thing I've seen all day! that boy just gets cuter as the days go by...he's so lucky to have been blessed with such wonderful parents. There is a reason God gave you to him. ;)

thanks so much for continually sharing that gorgeous little boy with us all.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the game last week...Thanks for letting us hang there even though you were outnumbered!!! It was so fun getting to see you guys and love on Eliot! He is even more precious in person. We hope to see you guys again!

Hi Matt.

Anonymous said...

Eliot is a precious angel getting cuter everyday. Matt, you put into words the things most people can not say. I enjoy your blog so much although I cry giant tears each time. I am so happy for Eliot who ceases to amaze daily! Take care and God bless!
Gena Pierce
Ft. Smith

Anonymous said...

My continued prayer for your family and praise for our Holy Father. He is such a beautiful boy! Thank you for sharing his life and your lives with us.
Anne Fullerton
Fayetteville, AR

Anonymous said...

Love you guys! Can't believe he is so big! Thanks for keeping us posted on your little miracle. Give Eliot and big kiss for us.
Take a pic of you watching GG with Eliot for me, too! :)
Love, Daniel and Laura

Amy Teague said...

I love the slide show! It is such a blessing to get to see Eliot's life unfold. He looks good with that Arkansas hat on!

Anonymous said...

Ginny, Matt and Eliot,

Well, ya'll are the cutest family I ever saw! Thanks for sharing.

All my love and prayers,

Leigh Mullen

On Our Way said...

Blessings to you all. Eliot is just a doll. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Hello! This is Jennifer (Kimbrow) Harrell married to Nick Harrell. We went to UCA with Matt. I've just been to your web site for the first time. I am just amazed by your precious family and God's gift to you. I have gotten updates from the Cazzells. I am happy to be able to see pictures and hear about Eliot's progress. We have been and will continue to pray for you. Love, Nick, Jen, Kane, Kimbrow, and Jada Harrell

Anonymous said...

Dearest Matt, Ginny and my friend Eliot--this blog is such a gift to the world. I love seeing all of you and the slide show is great. I'm so glad Eliot got lots of cards -- the one he sent me for my birthday is beside my computer at home and one of my dearest possessions. Here's a big hug to you all. much love! RN-Leigh, Fayetteville

Amy D. said...

The little boy in that slideshow is precious! I was wondering if you still celebrate Eliot's birthdays each day. Even though he has had so many birthdays (praise God!), I can't help but wonder if he looks forward to it each day. My husband, Matt, and I sure look forward to your updates each Wednesday and we don't even know you! We'll keep those prayers coming!

If you think of it, would you mind praying for us as well? We are about 19 weeks pregnant, and I have been on bedrest already for about 6 weeks. We just found out about some more complications, so it looks like this will be a restful pregnancy (assuming she makes it through)! Our daughter-on-the-way's name is Caroline. Thanks. I figured you all can pray with empathy! Sorry for the long comment.

Amy D. (friend of Cary's)

Anonymous said...

Ginny and Eliot,
It was so good to see the two of you at Stone Mill today. Eliot is so precious and it was good to see his little face in person! Ginny and Matt, you two amaze me. I knew today that when I saw you and Eliot, where I was standing was holy ground. Thanks for allowing God to use you all! Love, Jenny Robertson