Tuesday, July 18, 2006


That's right everyone. We will have a baby on Thursday (if not before). We went for our weekly visit and Ginny had progressed to the stage where they want to go ahead and induce on Thursday (July 20). We are super excited and cannot wait to meet her or him. We've got names, we've got a babyseat, and we've got candy bars for me to stuff down my throat in hopes of warding off fainting.

We would appreciate your continued prayers and anxiously await the culmination of many petitions to our Lord.

Many folks (in close proximity) have asked what we want them to do in regards to visiting us at the hospital. We want everyone to know that we would love to see them, however, with this birth comes many unknown circumstances, and our wishes will be determined by the outcome.
All that ambiguity to say...we would love for anyone to come to the hospital that wants to- just understand that seeing us or the baby is not guaranteed. While we would love to share our newest addition with everyone, we may need some time to ourselves.

Thanks for joining in our excitement for the miracle that is this baby.

Updates will follow:)


Judie Ledbetter said...

Matt and Ginny,
I spoke to Sandra last night and this morning, have contacted my prayer partners, including Lisa in Texas, and updated about the big event tomorrow! My prayer today is for strength and peace for both you and Ginny (and your family). I believe our awesome God will bless this baby. Love to you both, Judie Ledbetter

Anonymous said...

Enjoy every single minute of tomorrow! Take mental notes of everything and pictures of all things possible. My prayer for you and this baby will be for strength, peace and enjoyment of every possible minute with this little one. It will be amazing to you how the smallest things will give you the most enjoyment :) Best of luck to all 3 of you :) I will axniously await to here this little ones name

Lisa Hartsfield

amy said...

Yippee, Yippee! What we've waited for for so long is about to happen. Can't wait to finally meet baby mooney. Ginny, I'm sure you will look just as beautiful in labor as you have your ENTIRE pregnancy. Love to you three and I will see you at the hospital.

Aunt Amy

Anonymous said...

Ginny and Matt
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I can not wait for the arrival of baby Mooney. All of us are praying for you here at the gym. And of course if there is anything that you all need don't hesitate to ask. :-)
love you both!

Jamie Golab

Julie L said...

YAY I'm so excited for both of you. I hope that everything goes great during and after the birth. i will be praying for the 3 of you. Also, I am SO thankful to have you 2 as such great friends.
Love, Julie

Anonymous said...

I have been checking your blog daily to read any updates you have posted, so I was so excited to get the news! As I try to put myself in your shoes, I can't imagine the wide range of emotions you are having. I think about the three of you so often and will be anxiously awaiting news from the birth.
You will be in my prayers all day tomorrow and in the coming days. I have been blessed by your honesty and willingness to share this time with anyone who wanted to be apart of it. Thank you for sharing this intimate time with me. In some strange way I feel connected to you both in a new way. I miss you both and love you so much! Enjoy the birth of your first child!
Kelli (Canatsey) Wilmot

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you! Thank you for keeping us all updated! I can't wait to hear!

Katy Orender

Anonymous said...

Ginny & Matt
I am praying for all three of you and knowing that the Lord is able to do anything but fail and I know everything is going to be alright. Wish I could be there with you. Love, Johnnie Mae

Kym Brinkley said...

Yeah, baby! I love you both, and know I am praying.

Lisa said...

Praying for you all today!

Lisa Hartsfield

michael connell said...

Matt and Ginny,
We are praying for you!
It is such a wonderful, miraculous experience. We pray for strength for Ginny and Peace for you both!
Mike and Melanie Connell

Daniel and Laura said...

Hello Matt and Ginny! I hear you are doing great so far! We are proud of you and are continuing to lift you up today. Know we are thinking about you and wish we could be there. Keep eating, Matt. Keep thinking about GG, GInny. We love you guys!
Laura and Daniel

tim and sarah said...

Best of everything. I hope that today is the day as I know some cool people with today as a birthday (hint: ME). Prayers for all.

Anonymous said...

welcome elliot, please know that we are praying for all three of you and know that God has you all in HIs heart and hands-thank you for your witness of faith- love, mrs. olivia c.

Lisa said...

Welcome to the world Elliot! I am still praying that you defy all odds and show the world the power of prayer. May God wrap an angel's wings around you and your parents and hold you close as you proceed through the next few hours and days!

Once again, Welcome to the world :)
Lisa Hartsfield

Anonymous said...

Ginny, Matt & Elliot
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this most precious time in your lives. I know God's will is all we are to ask for but my heart tells me that Elliot will prove to be one of God's strongest testimonies to His power and His love. I thank you for sharing your faith and His strength during this time. Love to All, Mrs. Dianne

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for the Mooney family! Heather gave me the play by play throughout the day yesterday and we were THRILLED to learn of Eliot's arrival (sweet name for a sweet baby). We are just praising the Lord for the time He has given you together and know you are soaking up every moment. Our hearts are with you three! Much love and constant prayers, Jenny Beth (and family)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Matt and Ginny!! Welcome Baby Elliot! I can't wait to see pictures of this precious baby boy (p.s. I knew it was a boy Ginny!:)) We are still in constant prayer for ya'll.
Love, Brooks & Jess(and the rest of the Howard family)

Michaela Files said...

It was wonderful getting to visit with you all last night. All 3 of you are continually in our thoughts and prayers. Elliot is absolutely precious and perfect in every way. Please let us know if we can do anything. We love you guys. Michaela & Jake

Anonymous said...

Matt & Ginny,
Just as God created the heavens and the earth, so has He partnered with you to create Elliot..For HIS Glory.. In HIS Image...Can you imagine the love God has for Elliott to entrust him with Godly parents such as you? Can you imagine the love God has for you to entrust you with a baby boy such as Elliot? One day the truth will be fully known, the veil will be lifted, and we WILL stand amazed!
Continue to press on and know that there is a great cloud of witnesses in heaven and here on earth cheering you on...interceding on your behalf...and willing to stand in the gap for you!
Carpe diem, Mr. Don

Anonymous said...

Hello,Mooney family! please know that we continue to pray for you and are spreading the news of this precious little boy's birth-May God continue to bless you with His peace, faith and love.
Love to all, Mrs. Olivia

Anonymous said...

Ginny and Matt,
God can truly perform miracles, and may have already performed some through the witness that the two of you have been to many others. May he make each day precious with your new one, and may he give y'all strength and peace.I will continue to pray. Love to you both, Lynn Thom

Lisa said...

Please know that we continue our prayers for you Elliot and your parents! May you feel all the love that God has to offer and may your parents feel all the strengh that everyone is praying for them. Your parents must be truly amazing people for God to have entrusted them with you, a miracle already. Lisa Hartsfield

Stephanie said...

Ginny and Matt, It has been amazing to follow God's plan for Elliot. Aunt Amy has kept us posted and we have petitioned God based on your specific needs. We know that He holds you in His hands right now and His strength will sustain you. Take care of yourselves and try to rest when you can. The body can do much with little sleep and strong faith. We will continue to pray for that strength. We love you all, stephanie thornton

Anonymous said...

would someone who has information on Matt, Ginny and Elliot please email me and let me know what the situation is. I live in St. Louis and am not in contact with anyone that would know, but I think of them all the time.
kelli canantsey wilmot

Jenny Beth Walker said...

Matt, Ginny and Eliot,

What a treat to hug your neck Ginny and get to wave at a proud daddy holding his precious baby, the miracle you named Eliot. Y'all are on my heart contstantly. I have been praying for the Lord to multiply your stregth and give you an abudance of energy- as only He can give. Just wanted you both to know that!

Much love and many, many prayers,
Jenny Beth

Anonymous said...

Ginny and Matt,
Renee showed me the pictures of Elliot and his proud parents. What a beautiful family! Please know we continue to rejoice for each moment with Elliot and that God will continue to bless you all with His strength and peace. Thank God for the wonderful medical staff that has so lovingly helped you- Take care and rest when you can. Love and prayers, Mrs. Olivia

Lauren said...

Hi my name is Lauren and i live in australia. i recently watched your beautiful video on oprah and would like to offer my sincere apologies about your sons passing, but also congratulations on the birth of your new baby. i have passed the video onto all my friends as i think it really opens peoples eyes to the suffering and joy of others in the world. you two are inspirations. thankyou so much

Desi said...
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