Wednesday, July 18, 2007


As many of you know this will be our next to last post. The site will still be up and available. We plan on a final post for Eliot’s 1-year birthday (Friday). I will then be taking a blogging sabbatical. We will update the site with any information we want to pass on. This information might include such things as respite night information and a new blog address- if a new blog comes about. If you want to know about those things, you can put your e-mail address in the box to the left and it will let you know when the site is updated.

I have been working away on a documentary about Eliot. It is coming along, but has a long way yet to go. The process is much better than the movie. Any project that allows me to get lost in photos and footage of my son is one I am happy about. I view it as a gift to Ginny and myself, which we will appreciate more with each day that passes. As of now it is a private project, but if, at a later time, we are inclined to share it, I will post the information.

We wish to thank each and everyone one of you who has visited here. Many of you have encouraged us through comments and even taken the time to send us cards; to those who responded when we asked for 2-month birthday cards for Eliot. Thank you. Thanks, even to the lurkers. We’re glad you came around.

Ginny and I were recently reminiscing how we looked forward to checking comments when Eliot was here. It was amazing to see folks flock to the site and check in on a boy that most of them had never actually met. He had that way with people. We quickly learned that this whole thing was beyond us. A story was unfolding and we got to take part.

Some of our favorite e-mails came from those who noted that they were not “religious” or told us how they “were not sure they fit in this group”; but they went on to tell how Eliot had taught them something or just brought a smile to their face. Some even elicited how they could not believe they were reading a blog that was written by a Christian living in the South. But all were drawn in some way to something.

Eugene Peterson says it this way:
“Everytime someone tells a story well, the gospel is served”

All we have done is tell a story. The story of our son. And, oh, what a story it is.

I have purposely made strides to downplay the God-card. This was simply because all I could do was get in the way with my feeble attempts. God was in the story. He did not need to be exposed.

If you have found yourself drawn to this story and not really knowing why, I humbly propose that my son is only a vehicle to proclaim a story greater than his own.

There is someone who loves you with a love larger than ours for Eliot. There is one who takes you with all of your flaws and delights in all that you are. He sings over you when you sleep and hems you in while awake. He destroys the worth-measures of man and pronounces you worthy. He is Jesus. He is the only way we have made it thus far and our only hope for tomorrow.

Thank you,

Matt & Ginny Mooney


Belle said...

I found your blog a few months ago and have been a lurker since then. Meantime I went back and read it all. What amazing people you are. I, too, have a daughter with a special situation -- she has a brittle bone disease. However, she has the next to most lethal type and is a miracle in and of herself. Catie and your Eliot share the same birthday -- July 20.

I am continually in awe of the courage the two of you have shown in the face of your heartache. Only God gets us through times such as these. Thank you for all you've had to say. Thank you for sharing Eliot with all of us. Thank you for continuing to write even after Eliot was no longer in his earthly home. God truly does know who to send the most special angels to.

I'll sign in on your blog page so I'll be updated as you decide to update.

Thank you again for sharing all you have,
Jody Cheek

Melissa S. said...

I ran across your site for the first time tonight from a link sent by a family in my church who was just diagnosed with a Trisomy 18 child.

Thank you so much for your sharing. Please be re-affirmed that, among many things I'm sure, the Lord has used your dear Eliot to inspire love and ministry within the Body of Christ, specifically among those who have endured similar circumstances and those who are enduring the same circumstances.

Praise God for javascript:void(0)
Publish Your Commentyour faithfulness and your testimony. You are truly salt and light to a watching world.


FunkyMonkeyJunk said...

Matt and Ginny,

You will be missed terribly by some of us that come here every Thursday morning to check on your latest post! Please stay in touch when you can. The Lord has used your son, but he has also used you. Your story is not over. There is much for you to share in the coming years. :-)

Blessings, blessings, and more blessings on you both!


Anonymous said...

I have been coming to your site for several months now. I have never met y'all and never had the pleasure of meeting Eliot. Your words, vulnerablity, and honesty have ministered to me. You and Ginny will continue to be in my prayers. Continue writing, God has given you an amazing ability to write. I know that God will continue to use Eliot's life to draw others to him.

So thank you again, to you and Ginny for sharing this past year. May God continue to help you grieve and continue to bless your lives.


Tertius said...

Thank you so much! Your video was such an encouragement to us and our family, friends, and church who are grieving for us. I am glad you are leaving your blog up and understand your reasons to cease. There is still so many posts on here that I have not read.

Thanks again and God bless,

Jeanine said...

Happy Birthday sweet Eliot. I can't wait to meet you someday. Matt and Ginny, you have been well-used by God. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and I pray you will be blessed with much joy as your lives continue to unfold.

Terrill said...

Matt Ginny.

Thank you. We love you guys! Hope to meet you one day soon.

Terrill and Michelle

Katy said...

The honesty of your words and the vulnerability you've shown this past year has helped to transform so many lives. Mine included.

I will miss reading your posts but I will never forget.

Thank you!

The Mills Gang said...

I have been lurking here on your blog for quite some time now, too. You have an amazing story to tell. I have enjoyed your posts and your words are extremely powerful. Thank you for being so open and honest. I can see and feel the Holy Spirit through you when I read your posts.
You said it best today:
"There is one who takes you with all of your flaws and delights in all that you are."
It brought tears to my eyes...and that's not the first time I have shed tears here.
I will miss your posts but know that it's time for you to move on. I thank you for being you.
God bless your sweet family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt & Ginny,
You both have an amazing spirit and it is easy to see The Son in your son's story and in the way you have chosen to share it with such grace and honor. Thank you for sharing sweet Eliot with us all and may Jesus hold you both tight today and always.
Blessed Be The Name of the Lord!
Alicia Brooks
(PS you do not know me, but I heard about Eliot when Ginny was pregnant thru a friend of yours and checked in ever since)

Carissa Kapsalis said...

Hi old friends!
I have been reading the updates to this blog every now and then, and I need to tell you that it is a true blessing! I have been in tears and in laughter. You have done an incredible job of capturing the thoughts and emotions that go along with such a unique journey. Ted and I have thought about you two often. We're thankful and amazed at how God has carried you both through this difficulty and allowed you to proclaim His love to a watching world. I can't tell you how many times I have said, "Matt is a gifted writer." God truly had a message to proclaim and he equipped you for the task. Thanks for being willing to share it with all of us and giving us the opportunity to know more about this incredible little boy! I look forward to meeting him one day in Heaven. We love you both!! Carissa and Ted Kapsalis

Ilka said...

Hallo Matt and Ginny,

Happy Birthday little Eliot!!
I will miss reading your posts and I will never forget.

Thank you,

Ilka Kunze

Anonymous said...

To you, Matt, you, Ginny, and of course, to Eliot (as I'm sure he looks down from heaven observing and knowing everything that we've only begun to glimpse through your testimony as a family) - thank you ALL for taking all of us (family, friends, and strangers you've never met) inside the story of your lives as a family, and, in particular, your journey with Eliot. Your blogs have allowed all of us to glimpse a side of God we would never have know otherwise. Your testimony is incredible, and God has truly been merciful, in speaking to us through all of you. I will miss your regular updates but do want to be kept informed regarding (whatever) comes out of this that you all wish to share. It is God's story, for sure, but a story that never would have been uttered were it not for your faithfulness in allowing yourselves to be used to tell it! And I look forward to the day when we can all see its full meaning as it is revealed to us in heaven and has surely already been revealed to Eliot and to so many others straight from the Father's heart to their willing (and completely opened!) ears in heaven. What a day of rejoicing that will be when all is revealed to us, as well! Thank you for your faithful and willing hearts, for your honesty, your openness and your vulnerability towards all of us in making sure Eliot's story has been told. And may God bless you both, as you journey forward from this point! Thinking of and praying for you all, knowing that this is not nearly the end, but merely a beginning to all that God has in mind in fulfilling His ultimate purpose for you and for your precious son. He will always live on in the memories of those who have been allowed to come alongside you in making this journey. Thanks, again, for everything! Sara Terral

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Beautifully written.

Tami Cooper said...

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY ELIOT! I can only imagine the party that is taking place in Heaven!!
May God continue to bless you and Ginny!
He is Good ALL of the time and ALL of the time, HE IS GOOD!

Betsy said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Eliot!!

Matt and Ginny, I hope you one day decide to post all of the wonderful stories you must have received when you asked for them a couple of months ago. I think your readers would greatly enjoy them.

Thank you so much for sharing Eliot's life with all of us...he is a true testament to the greatness of Our Lord.

I have nominated you for a Blogger's Reflection Award at


Mrs. Olivia said...

Happy Birthday Eliot! Thank you both for sharing your precious child and difficult journey so honestly and beautifully with us- Our awesome God will continue to use you both for His purpose-Eager to witness how He does- Take care and know I will continue to pray for you- Love,prayers,and thanks, Mrs. Olivia

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...


Anonymous said...

I found this blog just a few months ago when a friend told me about it. I am lucky enough to have 2 healthy children, and not a day goes by that I don't thank God for the miracle of being able to raise them. I admire your strength and Eliot's story has helped me to remember not to ever, ever take parenthood for granted. What a selfless effort to take care of him the way that you did while he was here. It was obvious you cherished every moment and felt so blessed to have him, regardless of his special needs. I hope and pray that in the coming years, you will be able to add to your family and enjoy all the rewards of raising children that are healthy and happy. Good luck to you, and God bless. I know Eliot has a special place in Heaven and is looking forward to the day you can be with him again.

Jennifer Vaccaro
Covington, La

Anonymous said...

Matt, I am sad for this to come to an end....yet. I understand. You see for some of us Ginny and you along with sweet Eliot have become like family to us. So therefor you will be missed. I am thankful for discovering that you believe in the same Lord I believe in....Eliot is safe in His arms.

So I say 'good bye' dear friends....may the Lord continue to bless you both.

Rachel said...

Matt and Ginny - THANK YOU for sharing life with us the past year. You have been a blessing to so many and such a true and real testimony of how to grieve giving glory to God. Like everyone else, I will miss reading your words, Matt. God has given you a gift in writing and sharing. You should write a book! I think it would minister to so many who have been through or are going through similar circumstances! I do hope you have another blog soon as I will look foward to reading and learning. Praise God for the work He has done and will continue in you and Ginny's life. He is writing an incredible story for you two!
Rachel (Wood) Norris

RobinsonGirls said...

I will miss reading your posts on Thursdays- I appreciate you sharing your precious son with us.

Garrett Robinson

Sun said...

Wow - this post - as do many others - blows me away...have you ever thought about writing a book? Every single time I visit I sit and think and ponder a truth...kind of like an onion - layer by layer - truth is exposed. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart - you and your wife for so generously sharing this story and for being so honest. God is glorified in so much of who you guys are and how you live your lives. I pray that His comfort and His healing continue in your lives - I thank Him for using you in such a way that touched SO many people! I will SO miss this blog and hope that you decide to do another one. Good night and God bless. Sunshine

Anonymous said...

The only thing better than reading this blog every week and being uplifted by Eliot and his parents is to read the comments- and see how may of my friends have shared in your journey,too. Thanks to God for good friends and the sweet little boy who has brought us all together. Said it before, saying it again...what an amazing little boy. Catherine Cook

Our Family said...

Happy Birthday, sweet angel!

RANDIB said...

My family will continue to pray and keep yours in mind. My sons pray for their friend Eliot's family. I have been so touched by your words and out of all the heartache I feel for you two by Eliot's passing, I can only imagin how much of a blessing it was to have him with you with for that fleeting time.
Thank you for opening up to us all and spreading the love of Jesus through your experience. My husband and I will continue to pray for you and Ginny and will never forget your family.

Nicole said...

Matt and Ginny,

Thank you for sharing your son's story publicly. I have no doubt that many parents who are receiving a similar diagnosis for their child will find hope and a renewed faith when they come across Eliot's story.

You truly have a God given talent and I look forward to seeing how He continues to use you to glorify His kingdom.

Again thanks for being so open and honest and allowing our lives to be changed through your story!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog today and read it in its entirety. I had to break away a few times to dry my eyes, get more coffee and go hug my kids. My daughter turned 2 on July 20th. It's amazing to think that in one part of the country a family is celebrating a child's birthday while in another part of the country a family dreams about what kind of birthday their child would have had. Same day, different places, one loving God that holds us all together.

Eliot was a trooper! He exceeded what doctors think children like him aren't capable of - a meaningful life! Though his time here was so breif, I believe his story will forever be etched in to the hearts of all who have met him or heard of him.

I think Eliot must have been one of God's favorites before He lent him to you two...I think He just missed him so much and that is why He took him home so quickly.

Your story has inpsired me to love my children so much more, even in the mundane moments like brushing our teeth together or driving in the car. Each moment with them is precious and should not be spent worrying over the next moment. But you have also showed me it's ok for Christians to be transparent. That we can question why we believe in a God who is Sovereign but yet allows us to greive. You probed my mind and made me think and look at things in a new perspective. I don't doubt my salvation but sometimes I can doubt the depth of my faith. But in the end, God is and always has been in control.

Thank you for being so transparent. And thank you for alowing me to get to know your son. I know one day I will see him in Glory not with "clenched fist" but with palms opened worshiping our Heavenly Father.

God bless you both as you continue on in life.
Much love...Tami

Hunny Bee May said...

I know this post is older, but I have just recently seen your video about Eliot. I don't know why, but I am so drawn to the testimony of you and your son and other families like you. Your son's life has spoken volumes to me, about grace, humility, and the glory of God. I see peace when I look at his pictures. I don't know you, we'll probably never meet but I am grateful to have had the chance to 'know' Eliot. Thankyou for sharing his precious life with us. Be blessed. You have been in my prayers and will continue to be.

kathy brewster said...

OMG I just saw the video u made of ur lil boy and my heart is breaking......I don't know u at all but I have to say what a special gift u were givin...He was so sweet and I can see he was so loved.....Your an awesome couple and I hope u r blessed with many more baby's in the future....WOW u guys r simple amazing...And Iam in aww of u both and the precious lil boy u 2 had brought into this world...My heart goes out to u both and may god bless u Kathy Brewster Canada

Liza's Eyeview said...

Hi Matt and Ginny,

It's Liza (from Liza's Eyeview) here.

First I just want to let you know that Eliot's story continues to minister to many families. I still get a lot of hits of people google searching the word "Trisomy 18" and they land on the post I wrote about a year ago on Eliot and Rebecca...

I thought I'd leave a comment today to let you know I am thinking of the two of you today :)

Peggy said...

Blessings to both of you...I just saw your story on Oprah & remember having read along before with tears in my eyes! But what a testimony to Our Lord! Your documentary was beautiful!
Praise God for Eliot!

prashant said...

Thank you for sharing Eliot with all of us. Thank you for continuing to write even after Eliot was no longer in his earthly home. God truly does know who to send the most special angels to.
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