Friday, June 09, 2006

What we want you to know.

Ginny & I think it important that people understand where we are coming from and how we are approaching the days ahead:

1.) There's nothing you can say to make it any worse or any better
We know it is difficult for our families and friends to know how to comfort us or what to say to us. Therefore, be relieved, and know that your presence, phone calls, and support are what we need, and just the fact that you show us you love us DOES make it better.

2.) We're praying for a miracle
We are praying (and ask you to join us) for healing. We are praying for life for this baby. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that our God is able to heal our child. And, in the same breath, we know that He is worthy no matter the outcome.

If you do want to pray with us, here is what we would ask you to pray for:

1. For healing. 2. For life and time with this child. 3. Most importantly, that God would equip us for the days ahead & give us the strength to say, "not our will, but your will be done."

3.) We are excited to have our first baby! We could not express how important it is for you to understand that we are not in despair. Rather, we are excited to have this baby at this time. This is our first child, and we cannot wait. Of course, we would do anything in order for this baby to be healthy, and we have cried enough to last a while; but we feel the Lord is sovereign and, therefore, this is the baby for us. And we anxiously await our gift.

4.) We do not know if it is a boy or girl. Again, Trisomy 18 has not changed our approach to our first child, and we really do not know the sex.

5.) We're not strong. If you happen to think we are handling this well (and there are many moments I would argue that point) and see any strength in us at all, please know it is from our Father and not due to anything having to do with either of us.

6.) What can you do? Pray for all 3 of us.


Katy said...

Matt and Ginny,

Thank you for sharing this. All three of you are in my prayers. Your baby is already so loved by you and everyone who knows you. Please continue to keep us updated.


sueaddington said...

May God hold you close. I hold the three of you before HIM...who is able!!!! Sue

Stephanie said...

Matt and Ginny, As I read your words I think of the Casting Crowns song, I will Praise you in this Storm. How true it is that our strength comes from the Lord. He is ever present in this situation and its purpose will be made clear. I haven't had the opportunity to know the two of you since you've been married, but it is obvious that the Lord is at work in your lives. Thank you for sharing your story with us and we will continue to pray for God's healing. Stephanie Thornton

amy said...

Thank you for giving your prayer warriors specific prayer needs so that we can be in agreement with you. Love you and look forward to welcoming "Baby Mooney" out into the world.

Aunt Amy

marla said...

Matt and Ginny,
I will pray for the three of you and I too thank you for being specific in your prayer request. I will focus hard on praying for the first two mentioned. After reading what what you wrote in the third section it sounds like you've already experienced the third part of the request (Lord, not your will but HIS be done)Praise the Lord for answered prayers already. He is faithful and just.

Susie said...

Matt and Ginny, Praying right now for you and Baby M. at 3:58 on Thursday afternoon. We hope you are feeling the support and prayers of the many that love you. God has poured out an abundancy of grace into
your hearts and he will honor you as you have done Him. Praying for,Susie Walker